If you are determined enough, you will succeed. If the odds aren't in your favor, then figure out creative solutions around the problem, research it and tackle it until you can find a way to make it happen. As if you want something bad enough, you will figure out a way to get what your heart desires.
~ FrostFM

FrostFM is a music producer/composer who specializes in the creation of soundtracks; with his strongest area being fight soundtracks.



His career in music is primarily an independent one. He has been working on music production since June 4, 2017. Since that time he has produced over 200 videos on youtube, created OST's for different animations and has taken on multiple different commission projects and songs composed for royalty-free usage.

What pushed him into this career was a strong hunger and drive to want to be a part of the community of producers who created music that moved people. After being influenced by so many different artists over an extensive collection of 10,000+ songs in his musical collection, he decided to want to share those feelings he got from other artists with the world and aggressively pursued being a music producer despite having no formal training in music prior to June 2017.

As for what inspired him to begin creating his fanmade Glitchtale tracks, it was an immense desire to give tribute to both NyxTheShield and Camila Cuevas for their work on Glitchtale. Since he discovered the series around the time "Your Best Friend - Undertale Animation" was released because Camila initially used a slowed version of Megalo Strike that was uploaded on his channel in the EP. After browsing her channel, he fell in love with the series and the music moved him enough to want to take action and create his own tracks for others to take pleasure in.


  • He makes EDM/VGM/Remixes with anime/video game themes.
  • He joined YouTube on 24 Oct 2006.
  • FrostFM hit 5.000+ subscriber at 12 September 2018.

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