Whatever the consequences are...For what I'm going to do... I'll take it. 'LOVE', too, is an acronym... It stands for Level of Violence... a way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt.' I promise you something, Bete Noire; I will kill you.
~ Frisk promising to kill Bete

Frisk was the first protagonist of Glitchtale that first debuted in Megalomaniac, and appears in every episode up until the end of My Promise where he is replaced by Chara.

Frisk is a male and is commonly referred to as "he" throughout most of Glitchtale.[1] He is voiced by Strelok, who also voices Akumu and Flowey; he as well as provides the SFX.

In My Promise, Frisk was erased from existence to resurrect Chara, who 'replaced' Frisk as the protagonist of Glitchtale and took his place in everyone's memories.


Frisk is a child who appears to be around twelve or thirteen years old. He has brown shoulder-length hair, which sometimes appears to be longer. In one of Camila's art collaborations with Kitmast, it was revealed that he has red eyes corresponding with his trait, which was first shown when his LV became 19 during the fight with Bete. In Season 1, till half-way through Season 2, he wore brown shorts, and throughout the rest of it, he wears brown pants. Frisk also wears brown shoes and a blue sweater with a purple stripe in the middle.

Early Life

At that point, I had already done EVERYTHING I could and tried every single route and variable. A couple of times each LV. I knew the timeline was glitched and I abused it. I wanted to see if I could get a different ending. So after the first RESET, I gave it a try. After all... worst case scenario. I'd just RESET and try again. Chara was furious with me... more so than usual. I had been pushing the timeline to its limits with no consequences.
~ Frisk about his adventures in the Underground
That puny human you call a "friend", Do you think I forced them to commit genocide? HA! Don't make me laugh. After doing the same "Pacifist" route over and over again, they eventually got bored. They did it on his own. The idiot just lacked the courage to finish at the very end. They were the ones who killed everyone by his own hand. (...) They were the ones who started the genocide. No one ever forced them to do it. I'm just trying to finish what they started. It makes me sick that they think they're above consequences. That they can just toy around with everyone and get away with whatever they want. (...) They reset'd in a part they weren't supposed to be able to. Creating all these "errors".
~ Chara talks about Frisk's Genocide and past
Hard Mode

Frisk enters his name, activating HARD MODE.

Not much was known about Frisk's life before he climbed Mount Ebott, though however, it was revealed that he didn't exactly have a life beforehand.[2] After discovering the Underground, according to Camila[3][4] and Love Part 1. He had been seen in every single ending and every dialogue that could be offered. Eventually, he activated HARD MODE and decided to do a Genocide Route.


...I just needed to get that off my chest.
~ Frisk to Asriel, also displaying his guilt.

Frisk's personality is somewhat ambiguous, after all, his character sheet states that "after getting bored of the Pacifist Route, he started the Genocide Route. Chara awakened and waited until Frisk passed the Point of No Return, to see if he truly desired a Genocide Ending". Bete describes Frisk as "kind and innocent", but she cuts off when she finds out about what he had done in his Genocide Route likely in disturbance.

While pretending to be a pacifist, Frisk tended to avoid hurting others and seemed to hate killing. He acted kind around others and would always try to understand and sympathize with other's problems. He always stood up for what he believed in, and in My Sunshine, Frisk believed in equality between humanity and monster-kind. In fact, this likely qualifies for both his Pacifist and Genocide versions. Another thing that both "versions" had is that Frisk always relied on his ability to Reset so he could go back in the past to fix his mistakes.

However, Genocide Frisk, on the other hand, is vastly different from Pacifist Frisk. Genocide Frisk often lacks emotion but shows visible HATE towards his enemies (which mostly qualifies to Bete). He feels immensely guilty because of his horrendous actions,[5] and he lacks responsibility and seems to struggle with accepting the consequences of his actions. However, in Love Part 2, Frisk decides to take on any of the consequences he has to face, reflecting some character development.

In both ways, Frisk is also viewed as selfish. As they have been resetting over and over again for 30 years, going through the Underground and doing things for their own enjoyment. This eventually led up to the point of getting bored by doing the same thing, so they decided killing monsters to see what happened. This resolved in them doing a full Genocide run until encountering Sans in judgement hall. Afterwards, they threw the HATE they had gained onto Chara, who was the only one who called Frisk out for their actions. Even after getting to the surface and smashing the RESET button, Frisk still seemed to care for his own desires. Notably when he promised Sans never to RESET again, he tried to find ways to fix the RESET button since then, not thinking about his word to Sans. And when Monster kind's freedom was jeopardized, the first thing they suggested was to RESET, not thinking about how Sans felt and what would happen to Asriel and Gaster; Sans resolved by almost breaking his promise in protecting Frisk in return.


  • Sacrifice: The glitches gave Frisk the ability to place his soul within a monster soul without dying. However, they are unable to go back to his body after doing this until somebody resets.
  • A Little Help: When in need, and ONLY if his intentions are good, Frisk can use "A Little Help" calling all the other human souls in the vicinity to his aid.
  • Armor of the Red: Frisk can project a shield of Determination, which can block almost anything, and they can create a sword of Determination.

  • RESET: Thanks to the "RESET" function, Frisk was able to manipulate the timelines until the "Continue" episode. They lost this ability when they broke RESET.
  • SAVE and LOAD: Thanks to the "SAVE" function, Frisk was loading his last SAVE file when his HP reaches 0. Frisk had this ability until "Continue" episode, as they lost this ability when they broke RESET.
  • But It Refused: If Frisk manages to be extremely determined, and dies in during battle, he can immediately return to the battle with maximum HP as if his soul had never been damaged.



I'm sorry... take my soul and fix my mistakes, one last time.
~ Frisk to Sans before dying for the last time in the episode
IMG 5945

Frisk getting killed by Sans.

IMG 9259

Frisk tearing up.

At the beginning of the episode, Frisk, who had almost completed the Genocide Route, was at the point of no return and encounters Sans in the judgment hall. Where, like in the game, he fights. Frisk attempts to kill him many times, but all of his attempts fail. Eventually, he tries to RESET, however, Chara stops them and traps them in a dark void likely made out of HATE. (Chara was consumed by HATE at the time, which is why he took over.)

IMG 5122
IMG 9260

Frisk sacrificing himself by taking a fatal attack from Chara.

Chara then enters the judgment hall and challenges Sans. He fights and avoids all of Sans' attacks. Right before he could kill him, Frisk manages to break out of the dark void. He sacrifices himself by jumping in front of Sans to save him. Frisk, as his final words in that timeline, tells Sans sorry and to take his soul and fix his mistakes before finally dying.

Sans then snatches his soul before Chara does, drastically increasing his power and giving him control over the timeline. He then kills Chara and presses the RESET button.

Yet Darker

Frisk meets Sans at his Waterfall Sentry Station and decides to take them to Grillby's via a "shortcut".

IMG 5151

Frisk facing Gaster.

However, Frisk somehow ends up in the Waterfall Hallway and nervously enters the Grey Room, believing it was what Sans referred to. But, instead of being led to Grillbys, he finds Gaster, who traps them and begins to attack them to take his soul, calling it very special.

But to Frisk's luck and relief, Sans soon appears, and the two escape the room via breaking a wall with a Gaster Blaster.
IMG 5123

Frisk handing Sans his soul.

This, instead of helping, results in Gaster becoming (partly) materialized, causing him to get stronger. Sans, who knows that he can't defeat him, tells Frisk to give him his soul, but before Frisk could, Gaster attacks Sans and attempted to take Frisk's soul. But his soul breaks free, and it rushes on over to Sans, who absorbs his soul and begins fighting Gaster, having the upper hand.

After an intense battle, Gaster is cast back to the void, as his desperation was no match for Frisk's determination.


IMG 5147

Frisk and a bunch of hot dogs.

Frisk met Sans at his Hotland Hot Dog Stand discuss the glitches, telling Frisk to watch out for anything odd since he had tampered with the timeline so much.

IMG 5149

Frisk's reaction to a dead Amalgamate.

As soon as he leaves, he noticed that the door to Alphys' Lab had been blasted open. Frisk walked into the lab and then entered the True Lab. As he walked along the path, he stepped on the dust of the deceased Amalgamates. But unfortunately, he failed to notice that Chara was spying on them from behind.

IMG 5125

Frisk getting his Determination extracted.

When Frisk arrives at the Determination extractor, Chara finally confronts them. He rambles that he found out that he only needs "determination" to exist. And as a total surprise, he wanted to steal his determination so he could accomplish his goals. Chara then proceeds to use his HATE to grab Frisk and shove them into the Extractor.

But neither of them notice at the time that Flowey is watching them in the background.

IMG 5126

Sans holding Frisk.

Once Sans and Flowey arrive, Chara creates a shield of HATE around the extractor and fights them. Thus after an immense battle, Frisk's Determination is removed from his soul after being shoved into the determination extractor, and the barrier around the extractor vanishes. Unfortunately, Chara manages to steal the Determination after some more wrestling between the trio. Frisk is later on carried back to Sans' lab, and a post-credit cut-scene says that they are still alive, but unconscious.

Your Best Friend

IMG 5128

Frisk waking up at the beginning of Your Best Friend.

Frisk wakes up in distress upon finding out that his soul was weakened. He notices that Sans and Flowey are working on a strange machine that Sans uses to return Gaster to his physical form afterward. Sans soon asks Gaster to take him, Flowey, and Frisk to the secret chamber that holds the six human souls in his designated pods. Sans then hands the souls over to Flowey to make Flowey transform into Omega Flowey.

IMG 5298

Gaster shielding Frisk.

Upon hearing the commotion, Chara encountered them with pure confidence, proclaiming it was obvious what he'd do. He then engages in battle with Sans, Omega Flowey, and Gaster, while Frisk is protected by a shield.

IMG 5133

Frisk's reaction to Chara tearing off one of Omega Flowey's arms.

At one point, Chara uses a patience rope and uses it to tear off one of Omega Flowey's arms. Sans, Gaster, and Frisk all seem horrified by this, yet Chara doesn't stop here, and then attempts to kill him again, only to luckily be saved by Sans.

Soon, Gaster puts down the shield to attack Chara, who attempts to kill Frisk. Sans tried to sacrifice himself to save them, but Gaster takes the blow instead, resulting in the loss of a large portion of his HP.

This enrages Sans, who in a fury, uses his special attack, causing him to create countless Gaster blasters at Chara, who tries to use a shield to protect himself, but fails to stop the attack.

The sound of a SOUL snapping in half is then played.

Everyone seems relieved at first. But then, a red beam charges at Omega Flowey from the smoke cloud, Sans sees this and manages to save Omega Flowey by cutting the wires that kept him secure to the ceiling but loses consciousness afterward.

IMG 5134

Frisk's shield.

Chara, who's Determination allowed them to survive Sans' attack, proceeds to create a giant, powerful ball of HATE and hurls it towards Omega Flowey. To protect himself, he uses the six human souls to protect himself. Sadly, he loses them in the process and is transformed back into regular Flowey.

Frisk, upon seeing that Chara was about to finish off Flowey, regains his Determination to create a red shield to block the attack, and uses "A Little Help." he then gives Flowey his soul in the process to transform into Asriel.


I promise I won't reset again. For now on, I just want to CONTINUE.
~ Frisk to Sans in Continue
IMG 5305

Frisk killing a monster.

IMG 5431

Frisk gaining HATE

A few scenes into the episode, Chara tells Asriel about Frisk's true personality, and the fact that he started the genocide route on his own, so it is all his fault the timelines are glitching. He then creates the ERASE button and tells Asriel to press it, or else Frisk would use his friends as toys forever. However, Asriel, who believes that Frisk deserves a second chance, destroys the ERASE button.

This quickly marks the beginning of a battle against Chara and Asriel, but

IMG 5450

Frisk filling Asriel with Determination.

During the battle, Asriel told Frisk that he can't fight Chara. However, he knows how to make them change his mind. He attacks them with the traits of the souls he absorbed, including Frisk's determination.

IMG 5312

Frisk regaining control over the timeline.

Asriel manages to get rid of the HATE inside Chara, snapping Chara out of her hate-filled mindset. As his last will, Chara uses what was left of his soul to turn it into a trait vessel for Asriel.

And, after all, was said and done, Asriel breaks the Barrier.

IMG 5315

Frisk about to leave the Underground.

IMG 5316

Frisk breaking the RESET button.

On the surface, Sans confronts Frisk and asks them when he is going to reset. He promises him that he won't reset, but Sans asks them to be honest. Frisk then brings up his save file and smashes the reset button. He then pressed Continue, indicating he will never RESET again, which was a lie right from the start.

My Sunshine

IMG 5533

Frisk using his shield to "protect" Bete.

IMG 5140

Frisk and Asriel at the beginning of My Sunshine.

IMG 8033

Frisk walking to the AMD (Anti-Monsters-Department).

Frisk decides to go meet up with Jessica Grey, the director of the Anti Monster Department (A.M.D), in an attempt to convince her to sign a peace treaty that will stop all conflict between humans and monsters. He encounters Betty, a seemingly innocent young girl whom he saves from being run over by a car, and allow her to accompany them for the day.

Frisk & Bete

Frisk meeting Bete.

When he reaches the A.M.D, Frisk asks Jessica Grey for one last chance to show her that monsters are just as deserving of peace as humans are. Albeit hesitantly, she agrees, and Frisk takes them to W.D. Gaster's laboratory. There, Jessica is informed about Gaster's project on the Core's expansion and how helpful it would be to both humans and monsters. Here he elaborates on how the Core turns heat into magical energy, but that the project will only be allowed to develop should she sign the peace contract.

IMG 5856

Frisk hugging Toriel.

Frisk then takes them over to the school where Toriel works as a teacher, to show Jessica how human children are being helped to understand and use his magic. After Toriel shows her the trait of one of the children, she suddenly leaves before Frisk can have a chance to stop her. He goes looking for her and meets up with Sans and Asriel, and after Frisk introduces them to Bete, he finds out that her soul is a color never heard before: pink. Sans goes to Gaster's lab to help him discover this new trait, and Frisk shows up after hearing that Sans and Asriel had talked things out. He gives Sans a bracelet to remind him about the "promise" he had made, which was to never reset again.

RealisticAcceptableDorado-size restricted

The following day, Frisk meets up with Jessica at the HSO Department, where the conference would be held, and the peace contract between humans and monsters signed. Frisk hears Jessica's story about how her daughter ran away from home without ever returning, and that the reason why Jessica had suddenly left the school was that Toriel's interaction with the child had reminded her of her daughter. She agrees to sign the contract, saying that her daughter would have wanted peace between humans and monsters.


Frisk at the reunion.

During the conference, Asgore is questioned about how the barrier was broken, he confesses about the human souls, and the last one he killed turns out to have belonged to Jessica's daughter. Frisk watches Jessica as she calls him a murderer and then storms out, tears streaming down her face, leaving all hope of peace between humans and monsters behind.

QueasyBowedFlyingfish-size restricted


MildCrazyGuppy-size restricted

When Dust begins, Frisk tells the audience that things have gotten tenser between humanity and monster-kind, with the worst of all, that Asgore was arrested.

Frisk soon arrives at Gaster's house, and he asks him if he found any info about Bete's unique soul, but sadly, he failed to find anything. Gaster warns Frisk to be careful he is with a monster because the AMD's cameras were suddenly more active. Upon mentioning Mettaton's first live performance, Frisk allowed Bete to come with them.


Frisk telling everyone to flee.

Frisk and Bete soon go get Sans, Papyrus, and Asriel and he all go see Mettaton together. At the performance, he experiences Papyrus accidentally drop slabs of concrete on the area, and Sans temporarily losing his powers with a nullifier gun Jessica used.

AjarEsteemedGoral-size restricted

Frisk and the bracelet he gave Sans.

Later, Sans called Frisk over to come and talk to him, Bete, Asriel, where he is forced to tell him that he was trying to RESET, his intentions right from the start. As a result, Sans got so angry that he called out Frisk for being selfish, getting his hopes high, and that he would've hurt them if it wasn't for Asriel, who stopped him. Sans was still angry with Frisk, and he threw the bracelet that was given to him onto the ground before he left. After this violent ordeal, Frisk wasn't seen throughout the rest of the episode.

Do or Die

Go! I'll cover you!
~ Frisk to Cam and Robin
IMG 9323
IMG 6183

Frisk losing some of their Determination.

At the start, Frisk was seen practicing apologizing to Sans, while he was still hoping to find was to RESET, when Asriel arrived and he told him about Bete's actual goals and Sans being killed by her. This scared, shocked, and saddened them so much that he lost some of his Determination. 

Soon, Frisk and Asriel go to see Alphys and Gaster, where Gaster encouraged them, causing them to be filled with Determination.

Do or Die 250

Frisk in Toriel's school to fight off the pink creatures.


Soon, a pink creature appeared and it attacked Frisk, he attacked it but due to not hitting it hard enough, he couldn't defeat it. Then Gaster told them that he were not hitting it strong enough. He then summoned a hand and powered it up to fire at the creature, then it tried to stop him by transforming into "Sans", surprising Frisk. However, Gaster just killed it anyways without remorse, then Frisk went inside and told Asriel that he needed to go to the city in order to protect people from the creatures.

IMG 5869

"Bring it on."

Later in the episode, Frisk arrived at Toriel's school to help fight back against Bete's pink creatures. he soon find CamAbigail, and Robin Cam distressedly asks them to help them find his younger sister Lily. Frisk agreed to do so but was not seen throughout the rest of the episode.

Love Part 1

At least Flowey wasn't such a coward.
~ Frisk insulting Asriel

Frisk with Abigail, coldly ordering her to go to the refuge.

He first appeared in Toriel's school alongside Abigail. Frisk told her to go to "the shelter" and Asriel told them to help him try to save any more children or to fight off many more creatures. However, Frisk told them that the creatures retreated and that he were too late.


Frisk handing Jessica a box.

Later in the episode, Frisk told Jessica to come with them because he had something to give her. Frisk then gave her a box, Jessica then has a flashback of her daughter opening her gift, and in it is a tutu and ballet shoes. Jessica opens the box, and inside was her daughter's old tutu and ballet shoes. She then thanked them and said that he was a nice and kind child. However, Frisk denies this and says he can't afford to be one anymore.


Frisk telling Asriel that Flowey wasn't such a coward.

Later, Frisk requested to talk with Asriel in the backyard, where he reveal that he were trying to find a way to reset since he broke the RESET button, admitting that his promise to Sans was a lie. he elaborated that he knew the timeline was glitched and that he're going to set off to fight Bete alone, ignoring the requests of Asriel to stay home and prepare first. he finally say that Flowey wasn't as much of a coward as Asriel, emotionally harming him to the point it raised his LV to 2.

Love Part 2

IMG 9256

One of Undyne's spears penetrating Frisk's chest.

IMG 9257

Omega Flowey firing a barrage of powerful bullets at Frisk.

At night, Frisk was thinking about the previous battles he had in the Underground, and how he were killed so many times. Bete then popped up and Amber appeared for a split second (before Frisk's soul shattered.) Since he can't use his SAVE file anymore the battle was all or nothing.

The next day, after getting dressed, Frisk attempted to leave the house. In fear of his safety, Toriel told them to stop. But, in order for her to leave them alone, Frisk cut her hand and told her that he was not her child, and she is "sure as hell" not his mother. This act causes his LV to raise to 3.

SecondhandNeighboringAlligatorgar-size restricted
IMG 5837

Frisk goes to fight with Bete, and at the beginning of the fight, Frisk was smacked against the wall. Bete attempted to finish them but he avoided the attack. A bit later in the fight, Bete managed to sap a lot of his Determination with hallucinations of memories from the Genocide Run.

IMG 5802

Frisk being smacked against the wall.

IMG 6394

Akumu tackling Frisk.

IMG 5935

Frisk, who collapsed on the ground, bleeding due to a wound on his head.

Frisk would've died if it wasn't for Asriel, who stepped in and was who's soul was quickly stolen by Bete. After he were forced to watch his friend's "death". Frisk's LV increased to 19 along with his power. Bete quickly became overwhelmed with Frisk's sudden increase in power. Bete decided to "ask for a little HELP" after realizing he couldn't keep abusing the power of HATE.

Frisk blinded with Hate
Bete then uses HATE on Sans' soul to revive him (which was still being fed off by Akumu) with HATE.

He was then commanded to battle Frisk and was easily winning. Before he could kill them, Papyrus intervenes, saving Frisk. Frisk tells Papyrus to leave, as this wouldn't solve itself with words, and claimed that he would hurt Sans if he got in his way of killing Bete when being asked. Papyrus refused to leave, and using love, he managed to remove the HATE in Sans' soul, freeing him from Bete's control and shocking Frisk. After the battle, as Toriel and Frisk are walking through the woods, Frisk hangs back a bit and looks at his hand, noticing it is glitching. Realizing that he was now glitching due to utilizing the HATE and glitches to raise his LV, Frisk states that he was 'gonna run out of time'.

My Promise

Keep My Promise.

Frisk first appears in this episode after Asgore saves Jessica from the Pink Creatures. His hand starts to glitch, and he winces, before clasping his hand shut into a fist. Later, Asgore, Toriel, and Undyne ask why Frisk didn’t tell them about Bete, with him apologizing shortly thereafter. While the others talk, Gaster looks at Frisk which glitches back to his Genocide run showing them with 19 LV with glowing eyes then later snapping back to the present.


Bete teleporting behind Frisk.

UnconsciousGranularChinesecrocodilelizard-size restricted

Frisk tackling Asriel with his shield.

Later, Asgore, Toriel, and Frisk go to the arena in order to battle Bete. When the three meet Bete, Asriel joins Bete which takes the three by surprise. Bete and Frisk battle against each other again while Toriel and Asgore fight Asriel. After Asriel stabs Asgore in the chest he becomes severely hurt. Before Asriel could hurt Asgore again, Frisk tackles Asriel with his shield. Frisk tells Asgore and Toriel that they have to leave, but before he could do so, Bete commands Asriel to attack Frisk; Frisk was presumably hit by the attack.

XajAjwJ - Imgur

Frisk in one of Gaster's machines.

Later, Frisk is seen back at the house with Toriel, Asgore, and Gaster. While Toriel heals Asgore, Frisk told Gaster that he needed to talk to them. Gaster and Frisk enter Gaster's Lab after Gaster took something from Frisk, Frisk enters one of Gaster's machines to be teleported into the Void.

AnnualFlippantCopepod-size restricted

Once Frisk teleports into the Void, he meets Chara, who was very frustrated with them. Frisk convinces Chara to help them. At first, Chara refused to help them due to the terrible things he did and making everyone else think he were at fault. Once Chara realizes that the timeline is in imminent danger he start to think again, and agree to exchange places with Frisk. Frisk gives Chara his soul, shortly afterward, Frisk admitted that he couldn't go back into the timeline with them. Chara becomes shocked, but Frisk continued


Frisk with Chara in the Void.

and said that if he enter the timeline again it'll erase itself and said that it was up to Chara to save Asriel. Chara becomes worried and asks them what

will happen to them. Frisk says that it doesn't matter, and proceeds to replace himself with Chara, replicating all the memories of everyone in the timeline. After Frisk has been fully replaced by Chara in everyone's memories, he save his changes, sending Chara back into the timeline. He cried before he got erased and told Chara to keep the promise he made for them, then he get erased from the timeline entirely.


  • As of right now, it is extremely unlikely that Frisk will ever make some kind of appearance in Glitchtale again since he was erased from the timeline and no one remembers him.
    • However, in Hate, it is hinted that Sans may very vaguely remember Frisk. Despite what Camila has said, it could be likely that this could go somewhere.
  • Frisk was not a Pacifist child nor a Genocidal child. he were more of a middle ground between the two.
  • Frisk has completed all of the different endings.[6]
  • The timeline being glitched and messed up as a result of Frisk triggering hard mode.
  • The dialogue, "He was right after all..." in the description of Love Part 1 is referring to Flowey's statement, "In this world... It's kill or be killed!"[7]
  • Before Love Part 2's release, Camila stated that Frisk did not care about anything, he were just trying to save the Timeline.[8]
  • Frisk stayed in "The Underground" for about 30 years before going to "The Surface".[9]
  • Frisk's determination can easily be corrupted.[10]
  • According to Camila's Tumblr post. If Frisk died, presumably meaning his soul being destroyed, then the entire timeline would have been automatically erased.[11][12][13]
    • The timeline will get erased whether or not a monster or someone else absorbs Frisk's soul before shattering.[14]
    • Also, if Bete managed to kill Frisk, causing the timeline to be erased, she wouldn't care.[15]
    • This happened to Chara in the first timeline in Game Over.
  • Frisk can use "But it Refused" ability, but it's difficult for him.[16]
  • "Determination" may block Bete's Rhabdophobia ability.[17]
  • It was confirmed by Camila, Frisk is The Player, just like in Undertale.[18]
  • Frisk felt like scum for what he had done.[19]
  • Frisk was the only one who can make a sort of armor made of Determination around his body.[20]
  • Frisk was the only person who can get LV/EXP.[21]
  • If Frisk managed to make a RESET somehow, everything would still be ERASED and the world would still be turned into "The Void".[22]
  • When Frisk's LV increased from 3 to 19, it caused more glitches to the timeline and at the end of LOVE Part 2, Frisk said, "I'm gonna run out of time ..."
    • This might mean the timeline can be erased if the time goes out, possibly meaning Glitchtale Season 2 Ending.
    • The reason why Frisk was glitching might be because Frisk had LV19 in a True Pacifist Timeline.
    • Frisk didn't make his LV to LV20 because he didn't have any previous data with them having LV20.
  • Camila confirmed that Glitchtale Frisk is male.[23]
  • In Camila's Glitchtale Poster #2 Speedpaint, Frisk was the only one glitching in the thumbnail.
    IMG 8601

    Frisk glitching in the thumbnail of Camila's speedpaint

  • Frisk cannot "fix" the RESET button nor can he RESET again.[25][26]
  • The glitches were very painful for Frisk, and he are visibly seen flinching from them in My Promise.[27]
  • When Sans died and Frisk was informed, he lost his Determination from the top to the bottom.
  • When Frisk was replaced by Chara in My Promise, the events before he got replaced still happened. However, the memories of everyone, including Sans and Chara, has been replicated where Frisk never existed.
    • Frisk is most likely gone forever.
  • Camila removed Frisk from 3 of her drawings.
  • Frisk and Chara were really good friends that it got to the point where Frisk knew Chara better than anyone. [28]
  • When Frisk encountered Chara in the True Lab, the game skipped the dating process and the talk with Asgore and the others in front of the barrier right onto the final battle. [29]
  • Chara had been haunting Frisk's memories, and what he did to Chara in Season 1 made them lose Determination as seen with his fight with Bete in Love Part 2 and it was something he wanted to fix.
  • The glitching he caused on himself along with the guilt of being rude to Asriel and lose him to his enemy as well right in front of his eyes was too much guilt for Frisk to handle.
  • It pained Camila to kill Frisk. [30] Since she had grown attached to his character development, [31]
  • Frisk was only LV18 in the flashback in Love Part 1 instead of LV19 because Frisk never did full genocide, he also explored other neutral endings then tried out the genocide route, as seen in Megalomaniac.[32]
  • No one will figure out what happened with Frisk.[33]


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