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FEAR is a very powerful inverted trait that is strong enough to defeat any other soul trait, even though victory isn't always guaranteed.

It is impossible to naturally be born with a dark orange soul. Instead, someone can turn their soul dark orange by inverting their trait of Bravery, to FEAR.

In fact, FEAR's natural color is dark orange, but when the Bête Noire spell used on the Fear trait, it is pink.[1]

Known Powers and Abilities

  • Hallucination Manipulation: It appears as though the known wielders of the FEAR trait can create and control hallucinations to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.
  • FEAR Weapons: If the user wishes, a soul collector can create a powerful spear which is dark orange in color. FEAR's spear is similar to Bravery's spear.
  • Feeding on FEAR: Fear traits usually get more stronger when more fear is around so they feed on the fears of others and even their own to get stronger.

  • Rhabdophobia: This special attack disables all enemies' attacks and attracts magical weapons to the user's side, but it can be very costly to use because it consumes almost all the power of the user. It is a very powerful attack.
  • Fear of death: This may only apply to Bete as they have this specific phobia, usually when closer to death they get more stronger depending on how close they are to death. This is seen in Do or Die, when Gaster was about to blast his Gaster Blaster to Bete, their hair turned fully pink and with enough strength Akumu escaped the green force field Gaster trapped Akumu in.


  • HATE is MUCH more powerful than FEAR. However, FEAR, is a physical soul trait while HATE isn't, and is an enhancer.
  • FEAR is none of any Human soul. It is a negative result of a spell on Bravery.
  • FEAR is a strong trait more than any other traits but if HATE got possessed with it then it becomes the strongest trait. It will only happen if the user of FEAR could able to control HATE instead getting controlled by HATE.
  • Only one Fear soul trait can exist at any moment, it is also unlikely for two Determination souls to exist at the same time, and only Fear can defeat Determination and vice versa.
  • A negative trait like FEAR, will give a person more power at the cost of their sanity.[2]
  • Bravery and Determination isn't immune to Fear. (including the emotion)[3]
  • The FEAR trait is an inverted Bravery trait.
  • Camila Cuevas said on her Tumblr page that the Bete's soul was pink because pink is a color that usually looks innocent and can also trick the characters and the viewers, also the bete noire spell turns your soul pink.[4]
    • This may only apply to the vessels of "The Bete Noire" spell.
  • FEAR is not a new soul trait. The FEAR trait is just the inverted trait of the Bravery. That's why a Fear user can use the Bravery's weapons, like spears.[5]
  • Kumu and Betty are just a physical form of a FEAR trait.[6]
  • Although the FEAR trait is the opposite of the Bravery trait, the Bravery trait can't beat the FEAR trait because Negatives are always strong.[7]
  • Agate is one of the humans to possess a Fear soul trait.
    • She wasn't the first one as someone else has done "The Bete Noire" spell before (Which requires a FEAR trait so Agate wasn't the first person to have a Fear soul trait). So Bete isn't the first of her kind.[8]
  • Camila stated in the comments of Glitchtale Origins "FEAR is just a darker version of orange. Using your soul for the bete noire spell makes it pink".
  • FEAR is the only known negative counterpart of a trait so far.
  • FEAR counters with Determination.[9]
  • FEAR can be beaten by strong magic, but can only be DEFEATED with Determination.[10]
  • Since FEAR is an inverted version of Bravery, it may be possible to have an inverted trait of every other soul type, with the exception of DETERMINATION.
  • The "Bete Noire" spell is one of the strictly forbidden inverted magic spells known to date.
    • Notice that it says "one of the strictly forbidden inverted magic spells known to date." which could mean there are several other inverted magic spells that haven't shown up in the series yet.
  • It's also noted that FEAR users, can experience fear themselves if not inflicted onto other people.
    • This is also noted during multiple the battle scenes during Do or Die, Love Part 1, and Love Part 2. It is shown that Betty has necrophobia, or the fear of death.
  • Agate was probably named after "Agateophobia", which is the fear of insanity.
  • FEAR isn't a power boost, it's just the opposite of Bravery. What probably makes it stronger is its ability to corrupt Determination.
  • FEAR can only come from Bravery.[11]
  • Before Do or Die came out, Betty's special attack was first mentioned in an amino post.[12]




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