Like grey souls, Empty souls are weakened souls.

Having an empty soul shows a trait was extracted by force, or used too much magic, and/or power. The latter usually being the case.


Whenever someone's soul becomes an empty soul, their soul contains an outline with an empty center. The color of the outline depends upon the trait of the human (as seen in the pictures at the right on PC, and on top in moblie.)

What Camila Cuevas Said About Empty Souls

  • This is usually the result of the subject overusing their magic or by someone else extracting their soul's magic by force.
  • Having this soul means you still have your trait and your magic, but the ability to use your magic is disabled. For example, if Frisk's soul is empty, that means he has his DETERMINATION trait and he has his magic, but he doesn't have enough magic in his soul to fight because his soul is empty.

All information on empty souls: Cami Post 1, Cami Post 2.


  • When Chara's soul became empty, they gave it to Asriel to use as a vessel to hold both Asriel's soul, and the human souls. Thus, empty souls can be used as vessels for other souls.
  • When Frisk's DETERMINATION got extracted by Chara in *Determination, they were too weak to fight for the rest of the episode and for the majority of "Your Best Friend." However, their DETERMINATION came back in Your Best Friend when Frisk realized Chara would kill Asriel if he didn't will his DETERMINATION to come back.
  • The difference between an empty soul and a grey soul is that Empty souls still have their trait, but cannot use their magic. This is vice-versa for grey souls. Cami Post