Ellie Winterway is a wizard of Patience and Rin's older sister.


She has pale skin, silver hair with light blue strands, light blue eyes, and plump lips. Ellie usually wears the same outfit as Rin, but sometimes she puts on a long topless dress with long sleeves and with cyan diamonds on the sides. She is also one of the rare humans with soul coloured lips like her sister.


Ellie's abilities are unknown, but she could have same abilities as her sister such as:

  • Time Manipulation: Ellie can temporarily slow down the time for nearby people or objects.
  • Ropes of Patience: the ability user can summon magic ropes from their hands. These ropes can stick onto the enemy and even cut through. This was discovered in a hidden artwork by Cami.


There isn't much information about Ellie's personality, but due to her trait, we can assume that Ellie is kind, modest and patient.


Kanashi's Origins

Ellie is seen here wavng at Kanashi and his uncle, trying to make a short friendly conversation befote being pushed forwards by her sister, Rin.


  • It is heavily implied that Roy Goldburn has a crush on Ellie.
    • There is a post with dialogue between presumably Shane Goldburn and Kody Fallenfire, where they argued whether Roy will miss the target or not. Shane shouted Roy that Ellie was watching him, and Roy consequentially missed.[2]
    • Also, Camila published an image on Tumblr, where Ellie and Roy were portrayed. Roy was very rapt to Ellie's beauty on this image.[3]
    • There is another picture on Tumblr that shows Ellie and Roy in childhood. There, Roy looked flushed slightly for an unknown reason.[4]
  • Ellie is eight years older than Rin.[1]
  • She and her sister have a body guard named Kanashi.
  • She was also one of the greatest Patience wizards of her time, putting a lot of pressure on Rin.


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