I'll turn all those monsters to dust.
~ Bete Noire

Dust is the second episode of Glitchtale's 2nd Season.


Frisk and the others investigate around the city for the unknown saboteur with the answer to their question being horrid.


At the beginning
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of Dust, Frisk tells the audience of the growing tension between humans and monsters with worst of all being Asgore had recently been arrested for the homicide of 6 children, effectively making the atmosphere be
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tween the two races denser. Frisk arrives at Gaster's house, curious
if he would know anything about Bete's unique soul. Unfortunately, Gaster appears to have found nothing on the subject. Gaster warns Frisk to be careful when they are with a monster due to the AMD's cameras being unusually active. Upon mentioning Mettaton's first live performance, in which Betty shows interest in, Frisk allows Betty
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to come along to it. Frisk and Bete arrive at Sans' and Papyrus' house and Bete meets Papyrus for the first time. Afterward, they all go see Mettaton'
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s performance. At the performance, however, Papyrus gets tricked into dropping slabs of concrete upon the crowd. Sans, immediately noticing this, tries to stop the slabs using his magi
The Pink Soul

Bete Noire's Soul

c, but Jessica Grey shoots him with the AMR, causing Sans to lose hold on the slabs. Once again,
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another monster, Papyrus, is arrested for injuring, (and possibly killing) humans. Later, Sans calls Frisk over to talk with him, Bete, and Asriel. Frisk informs them of their plan to RESET, a​​​​​nd as a result, Sans becomes infuriated to the point in which he would've killed Frisk if it weren't As
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riel st
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opping him. The intensity of Sans' emotion in this scene represents how a RESET cannot, and will not, solve anything. Sans and Asriel sneak into the AMD's recording room. Here, they
Spear Of Fear
watch the camera's recordings from around the city. They soon
see the recording where Frisk "saves" Bete from getting hit by a car, as seen before. However, the scene had changed. This time, there was no car racing towards the two, no sign
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of danger. It is revealed Bete Noire was using her a
Sans Has Determination

Both of Sans' eyes glow Blue

bilities to create and control hallucinations in order to gain Frisk's trust. Sans and Asriel also see a recording of Bete leaving Gaster's lab as the reunion was occurring.

Sans tells Asriel that they have to warn the others about Bete. Yet, it was too late. Bete confronts them and reveals her true nature, as well as her soul.

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​​​​​​​ver, before Sans is able to teleport him and Asriel out of the room, he receives a shot from the AMR used by Jessica Grey. Bete puts Asriel in a hallucination, however, before Asriel's soul could be captured by Bete, Sans teleports himself in front of him, where both of his eyes lit blue as he sacrifices himself instead.

Bete takes Sans' soul and feeds it to Akumu, turning Sans to dust. Right after, Gaster is seen gaining his blue eye back, and panicking upon the realization that his son is dead.

Asriel attacks in grief, only for Akumu to shield Bete from the projectile attack. Asriel prepares for another attack but decides to retreat after remembering that Sans told him to warn the others. Asriel escapes the room and goes to warn Frisk. Bete tells Akumu they would get Asriel later, and glares at Jessica Grey. Bete tells her to give her the Hate Vial. Jessica refuses, thus Akumu slamming her against the wall. Betty uses a terrifying illusion of Jessica's late daughter to torment her. Jessica screams, and Bete tells her she will keep her promise, and "...turn all those monsters to dust." The episode ends.



  • This episode was the AMR's debut, which, before Dust's release, it was first announced in an animo post.
  • Sans is shown to be able to create his own DETERMINATION in this episode.


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