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My determination and power right now are bigger than ever...
~ Chara on Continue

Determination is an extremely powerful human soul trait that can easily defeat all soul traits, with the obvious exception of FEAR in certain cases. If the user is very determined, they can do anything they want, unless they have lost their trait, which would otherwise be impossible unless they get in a quarrel with a fear soul.


The souls of those who possess determination as a soul trait will always be red, and the bearers of a determination soul known as of now seem to have brown hair, with the exact same hairstyle, and red eyes.

Though, it might be possible for a different style since trait coloring the hair happens sometimes, while hairstyle, clothing, and fashion sense are easily alterable. Both Frisk and Chara wear sweaters with a stripe in the middle, while Copper wears armor.

Powers and Abilities

  • DETERMINATION Weapons: If the user desires so, they can create a sword and shield made of Determination.
  • But it refused: If the user dies during battle, this ability will repair shattered soul of the user right away and allow them to return to battle with max HP. To be able to do this the user needs to be over-determined.
  • Regeneration: With this ability, HP can be regenerated during a battle, and it's seen that this ability is used by Frisk (on Love Part 2) and Undyne the Undying (on Love Part 1)
  • Decimal HP: The HP of a determination soul will turn into decimals when getting attacked, asymptotically approaching 0. It was seen Frisk used this ability in The Game when they were fighting against to Asriel's GOD of Hyperdeath form.
  • Dagger of Souls: This doesn't apply to a determination soul, but focuses on the determination of other soul traits. One example of this is when Chara took the extracted determination from the souls of the 6 fallen children. On example of this is in Your Best Friend, when Chara fights Flowey, Sans, Gaster.
  • Rhabdophobia Resistance: FEAR has a special attack named "Rhabdophobia" which steals the magical attack of the opponent and uses it against them. DETERMINATION, however, has the ability to resist getting controlled by Rhabdophobia.

  • ERASE: Pressing the ERASE button will permanently delete the entire timeline, this means the end of the glitches. Everything will be erased and nothing will remain.
  • LV: It's a value that is registered into the user's “profile”. A way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt. Collecting necessary EXPs will increase the LV of the user once, HP, AT and DF will increase as each LV increases, the emotions and feelings of the user will start to disappear, making it even easier to kill someone. LV20 is enough to ERASE the existence of a world.
  • EXP: EXP/Execution Point is a value that can be collected by killing someone. When the user reaches enough execution points, their LV will increase to a higher value.
  • RESET: The RESET function erases most information stored in a SAVE file, such as the user's LV and EXP; resetting, however, does not erase certain variables such as the file name. Similarly to loading a SAVE, some characters will act differently after a reset.
  • SAVE and LOAD: The SAVE function automatically loads the last SAVE file of the user when the user's HP reaches 0. Other characters will remember events occurred before loading.

Facts by Camila

  • It is the rarest out of all seven traits, as it is a combination of all 7 perfectly balanced.
  • It is unclear if there’s a specific gap of time for a Determination soul to “spawn”.
  • This trait is extremely powerful and has unknown limits.
  • It is only driven by the user's willpower.
  • Can easily summon a fully magical weapon based on determination at moment.


  • It's not possible to lower Frisk's LV.[1]
  • LV 20 is enough to destroy the entire world’s existence.[2]
  • Monster Souls contains a small amount of Determination.
  • It is extremely unlikely for two Determination souls to exist at the same time.
  • Determination is present in every soul, but only one human who has a huge amount of it can make it a trait.
  • Only DETERMINATION can beat FEAR, and vice-versa.
  • Determination is so powerful that it can defeat godlike entities. (If they can reach certain standards.)
  • Frisk's determination and Chara's determination are very different.[3]
  • Before Sans' soul got taken by Bete on the "Dust" episode, Sans got filled with a little Determination. Therefore, Sans's second blue eye opened and he got enough power to be able to teleport in front of Asriel.[4]
  • Frisk is able to use the "but it refused" ability, but it's going to be difficult.[5]
  • Undyne, and Sans are examples of monsters who were able to create their own Determination.
  • Determination is resistant to FEAR's Rhabdophobia ability if the user is determined enough.[6]
  • Determination can be used for good or evil purposes, depending on the bearer, meaning Determination doesn't have a negative counterpart.[7]
  • Copper Lightvale and/or Chara is not able to SAVE, manipulate the timeline, and use other timeline manipulation abilities.[8]
  • Determination trait users can make a sort of armor made of Determination around their body.[9]
  • According to Camila, Frisk was the only character who can collect LV/EXP and use the save file. (Excluding Flowey.)[10][11]
  • Determination souls can easily make a magical weapon if they desire to do so. As long as they're determined to pursue a goal their magic will be boosted by their desires. [12]
  • Determination Souls are the perfect balance and combination of all traits, which is why it has a high amount of rarity.[13]
  • Humans with Determination souls in ancient times were considered royalty, and are highly respected.
    • Copper Lightvale is an example of this, with the Lightvales being in the nobility because of Copper's Determination Soul.


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