Courtney (Project SNT) is an actress/YouTuber known for her "Sylveon Trolls" videos and her "old Sonic comics" series.


Courtney's basic career revolves around voice acting.


Sometimes, Courtney does live streams of her playing games and all kinds of stuff.

Old Sonic Comics

My Old Sonic Comic - A Dramatic Reading and "Review"

My Old Sonic Comic - A Dramatic Reading and "Review"

The first episode of her "Old Sonic Comics" series

Her "Old Sonic Comics" is a finished series that involves her reading very cheesy Sonic comics she made when she was a preteen girl. The comics star her old Sonic OC (original character) SNT, who she voiced.

Sylveon Trolls

Sylveon Trolls is an ongoing series that includes her voicing the pokemon Sylveon, who "trolls" many different things.


  • Due to being the voice of Bete Noire, she often gets comments like "OMG! You killed Sans!", "You voiced Betty!?", or things of that nature.
  • She views her Sonic comics as cringeworthy.
  • When naming SNT, she had asked one of her younger cousins for what her name should be. He came up with SNT, which was supposed to stand for Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails (the three major Sonic characters). But, he did not know that Knuckles starts with a K not a N. However, Courtney kept it SNT because she liked the way it sounded.
  • It took Courtney a whole year to finish her first Sonic comic.
  • A character from her comics, Flaming Knuckles, was an OC of a friend she had at camp when she was younger. According to her, once she found out she had a sonic OC, she told her about Flaming Knuckles she added him on her comics.
  • In real life, she is friends with Zedrin, who voices both Sans and Gaster.
  • On one of her videos, Courtney was asked if it was fun to voice Betty. She responded with something like, "It's different since I don't say full sentences. But it's fun."
  • She has stated that when singing Scared Of Me, she had some trouble getting used to Camila Cuevas' style when it came to the lyrics.

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