The third battle of Season One of Glitchtale.


After another RESET, Frisk begun a new pacifist route, While they were going in the true lab, Chara returned to the world, decided to capture Frisk, and using the DETERMINATION extractor machine in order to steal Frisk's powers/Determination.

Flowey was sneaking on the true lab, keeping an eye on Frisk, until he noticed something was wrong. He remembered what Chara did to him on the genocide route, and out of fear he went to warn Sans. Fowey told Sans about Chara capturing Frisk, despite the fact he is Sans's greatest enemy.

Sans was in Snowdin, when Flowey warned him. 


Sans and Flowey arrive at the True Lab, where Chara is using the Determination Extractor to extract Frisk's determination. Chara places a shield of HATE over the extractor, then regards the situation, calling Sans a comedian, Flowey a traitor, and themselves a 'megalomaniac' before firing a blast of determination at the duo.

Sans and Flowey then begin battling Chara, Sans managed to land a hit on Chara by scraping their cheek with a bone they had previously dodged. Chara wipes the blood off as if it's nothing then proceeds stab the ground with their knife, the ground beginning to glow red as a result. Chara then welcomes Sans and Flowey to their 'special hell' before giggling and disappearing therefore launching her special attack.

Sans teleports himself and Flowey onto an inactive Gaster Blaster above the ground, then counters the attack with an array of Gaster Blasters before becoming tired and teleporting him and Flowey onto the ground. While Sans tries to regain his breath, Chara proceeds to say everything is Flowey's fault, she then continues to say they just had to get six souls, but he decided to show mercy to the humans. Chara then says 'You betrayed me, Asriel.' and that they ended up like this because of him. Chara, however plans to not show Flowey any mercy, saying that 'it's kill or be killed, after all'.

The Determination Extractor is then finished extracting, and the duo resume their battle against Chara in a race to get Frisk's determination. Flowey wraps a vine around Chara's wrist, allowing Sans to reach the power before they can. Chara, however, severs their own arm and grabs the determination before escaping. Sans and Flowey help Frisk out of the machine before teleporting out of the True Lab.