To rescue Asriel from the hands of Bete Noire, Chara decides to fight off the HATE inside of him and finish it all off. Even though their first strike was a failure, they will not give up and make sure they will free Asriel and defeat Bete Noire to be victorious.


Chara waits in one of the streets for Asriel to appear, he stands there holding Asriel's locket in one of his hands and holding his sword in the other one. Asriel proceeds to appear and Chara looks at the locket, holding on to it. Then Asriel uses a Shocker Breaker attack and floats up in the air, while Chara is holding a shield to guard himself from the attack. Asriel attacks Chara in close-range and Chara blocks it with his shield. Later, Asriel throws fireballs at him. Which Chara jumps off a building to escape from the attacks. And then he holds on to a top of a building made of yun with his knife so that they won't fall down. The explosion slowly fades away while Asriel sends more attacks at Chara meanwhile. A fireball gets a close-up shot at Chara, but Chara immediately notices and starts running, dodging all of the fireballs. Asriel starts to create a powerful energy and, unsurprisingly, attacks Chara with it. Chara proceeds to jump off the building and hold on to the wall of the building with his knife. He thinks for a second, "He won't listen." But continues to show the locket to Asriel. Asriel tells that it's his locket, Chara answers with the sentence; "Yes, do you remember it? We made one to each other-" Asriel cuts it off and asks Chara where his locket is. Chara has a flashback way back to the episode "Continue" where he was controlled by HATE and he breaks the locket in half. Asriel then makes Chara feel even more regret by saying; "So much for friendship huh..." Chara starts to lose concentration while Asriel is done talking with Chara, he catches the moment and stabs Chara in the chest. They hold the locket and say "I failed them." The battle ends with a Game Over screen.



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