They started the genocide route, I'm just finishing the job.
~ Chara

Chara Dreemurr was the first human to fall into the Underground after it was sealed. He was the main antagonist of Season 1. But ever since My Promise, he is one of the main protagonists in Season 2. Chara possesses a Determination soul, the same trait that Frisk and Copper Lightvale possess. Chara is voiced by Lumisau.

Character Sheet Normal Chara
During Megalomaniac, Chara appears as

Frisk's controller, but later on, takes full control of them until Frisk managed to break away from the HATE prison. As shown, Chara wears a green yellow-striped sweater and brown shorts, similar to Asriel's, along with their hair, brown in color.

Character Sheet Chara
During Your Best Friend, The HATE starts to take over Chara. The left side of their body turns black while they have red eyes and a crooked red smile. On the other side of their face, they obtain a black sclera and a black crooked smile.


While corrupted by HATE, Chara is genocidal, though believing they were only sent to exist to destroy the timeline, therefore doing whatever it takes to destroy it. While almost fully controlled by HATE, his love towards Asriel as best friends still matters to him, and is what freed him in the end. Chara is shown to be very caring towards monsterkind, however has a hatred for humanity. He holds a grudge towards Frisk for resetting the timeline over and over and making Chara a murderer and a psychopath. However, he still cared when Frisk went to erase himself. Towards Bete, he shows an extreme hatred towards her, as she represents the elements of what he hates of humanity. Chara is willing to put his family and loved ones before the greater good, shown on how he goes to fight Asriel instead of fighting Betty which would save more lives. He was also willing to kill himself in order for monsters to be free, shown by his plan with Asriel.

Abilities and Powers

Do you know what black means? It's HATE And I have a LOT of it to share
~ While fighting Omega Flowey on "Your Best Friend"
  • Glitch Teleportation: Chara is able to teleport to other places when they are about to be hit by other attacks in order to avoid them.
  • Enhanced Skills: Driven by HATE, Chara's Determination leads them to focus on their priority and to make sure it's done.
  • Reset Paralysis: Like Gaster, Chara is able to disable Frisk's ability to RESET.
  • ERASE Button: Chara is able to build an alternate reset button that erases the timeline from the Universe permanently.
  • Dagger of Souls: Using the extracted Determination of the other humans, Chara is able to alter their knife to accommodate the individual powers of the souls and use them for diabolical purposes.
  • Special Hell: Chara can create a void or plane of existence inside a sphere built out of HATE which bends to their will.
  • FILE 0: Glitches allow Chara to use an ability named "FILE 0", which allows them to manipulate their LV, HP, ATK, DEF at their own will.
  • Armor of the Red: Chara can project a Shield of Determination, which has the ability to block almost anything and can create a sword of Determination.
  • But it Refused: If Chara manages to be extremely determined, dies in during battle, Chara can immediately return to the battle with maximum HP as if their soul had never been damaged. This event has happened once on "Your Best Friend".


Early Life

Presumably centuries after the barrier was created, Chara fell into the Underground for reasons unknown, and was the first human to do so. Here, he met Asgore, Toriel, and Asriel. The Dreemurr family welcomed Chara into the Underground and eventually adopted him. Asriel and Chara were two very close adoptive brothers. One day, both of them made Asgore pie. However, they misunderstood "cups of butter", as "buttercups", and used buttercups instead. This caused Asgore to get very ill. Through this, Chara then learned buttercups were very poisonous. For a plan to free monsters, Chara proceeded to eat buttercups, become ill, die, let Asriel absorb his soul, and cross the barrier. Their original plan was to take six human SOULs from the Surface and destroy the barrier with them. When they got to the surface, Asriel laid Chara's corpse in the bed of flowers in the center of their village, as Chara requested. When the humans saw this, they thought Asriel killed Chara and decided to attack Asriel. However, Asriel refused to fight back, despite easily being able to and Chara's desire to kill them. Asriel went back to the Underground heavily wounded from the humans that attacked him. He then died, and his dust scattered across the flowers in Asgore's garden.


Sans vs Chara

Official art of the fight.

Near the end of the Genocide route, Chara takes full control of Frisk's body and fights Sans effortlessly, until Frisk manages to break out from the darkened realm that closed them from doing anything. And that was at the time Sans was close to being killed by Chara.


How cute... This will be interesting. We got a comedian, a traitor... and a "megalomaniac".
~ Chara while preparing to fight with Sans and Flowey
IMG 7322

Chara with a cut on their cheek.

IMG 7291

Chara's attack.

Chara using FILE 0 ability

Chara uses "FILE 0" ability.

IMG 7295

Chara reaching for Frisk's extracted Determination.

Chara revives due to the number of glitches, plus the HATE that consumes him. Being driven to erase the timeline with the intentions to find peace just for what Frisk made him suffer through, Chara gains more Determination by absorbing the determination of the Amalgamates, matching the Determination even Frisk possesses. As Frisk enters the True lab, he only takes notice of the Dust left from the bodies of the Monsters taken down. Chara awaits for Frisk to come closer to the Determination Extractor and encases him in it. Flowey pops out around the corner of an elevator wondering why he was taking so long, only to see Frisk being grabbed by Chara. Knowing Chara's intentions, Flowey flees to Sans, regardless of his hatred towards him, pleads for his help since even though he wants the power for himself, they can't afford to have the power to reset in the hands of someone who craves the entire destruction of the Timeline itself. Then Sans and Flowey briskly teleport within the True Lab, where Chara seems to be harnessing Frisk's determination for themselves. Noticing the threat Sans and Flowey represent, Chara places a Hate Shield around the extractor. Under these circumstances, Chara winds up calling Sans the "comedian," Flowey the "Traitor," and himself a "Megalomaniac" right before shooting the duo. Sans, being able to dodge it strikes them with a homing Bone that slices through their cheek, landing a small wound on Chara. However, as if it never happened, he wiped the blood off his cheek. With his demonic smile, strikes the ground and summoned his "Special Hell" attack.
IMG 7293

Chara telling Flowey that "it's kill or be killed after all."

Sans teleports Flowey and himself onto an inactive Gaster Blaster above high grounds to counteract the "Special Hell." Then they teleport back, resulting in a lack of energy, forcing Sans to take some time to breathe, making him more vulnerable. During the momentary break, Chara moves towards Flowey, blaming them that this entire situation is his fault alone, if Asriel went through the barrier and collected 6 souls, the monsters would have been free, this results in Chara having to say Flowey's words, "It's Kill or be Killed, after all."
Chara gaining DT

Chara gains Frisk's Extracted Determination.

After the Determination Extractor completes its task, Chara proceeds to retrieve Frisk's Determination but gets wrapped around by Flowey's vines as Sans races to get it himself. Out of instinctual reasons, Chara cuts off his locked down arm and teleports away with the Determination, leaving Frisk weak.

Chara is seen near a newly created save file with his name on it, along with the LV dashed out and the flavor text marked as "* Determination." The episode ends with Sans and Flowey, discussing who can help, right after Chara's maniacal laughter.

Your Best Friend

So predictable.. Isn't this hilarious? If you think you got any chance to win... you're wrong. I have... a small surprise too. Remember what these are? You never got to use all the DETERMINATION extracted in the past... I'm excited to see how long you'll survive. COME. =)
~ Chara while preparing to fight with Sans, Gaster, Frisk and Omega Flowey
Chara's HATE soul

But it refused...

Chara showing 6 soul

Chara with the determination of the six human souls.

Glitchtale Chara

Chara preparing to fight against Sans, Gaster, Frisk, and Omega Flowey.

After Sans revives Gaster, the team teleported to the location where the other fallen human souls were stored. A few moments later, the battle then begins between the right and wrong. Gaster protects Frisk with their shield, as he attacks Chara with everything he has. As Sans nearly gets beat down, Gaster rushes to save him but takes heavy damage as the consequence.

Knowing the severity of the situation and Chara's intentions, Sans takes a risk by using a lot of his energy to summon the "Wall of Gaster Blasters". It doesn't affect Chara as his soul refuses to die. Flowey summons his Hope Cannon to back down Chara's hate, although this works more and seems to be stronger than anything far imagined, Flowey loses his souls and is greatly weakened as a consequence. Frisk uses all his power to protect Flowey and as a last resort, gives him his soul, returning Flowey to his true form, Asriel Dreemur.


Shut up Asriel.... You don't understand anything, don't you? Do you even know why all of this started? That puny human you call a 'friend' ... Do you think I forced them to commit genocide? HA! Don't make me laugh. After doing the same 'pacifist' route over and over again, they eventually got bored... They did that on their own.
~ Chara addressing the truth to Asriel
Heh... You always were a crybaby...
~ Chara's last words before shattering
Chara showing RESET

Chara showing Asriel the only way to end the glitches.

Chara Spawns The Erase Button

Chara introducing the Erase Button.

CanlISJ - Imgur

Chara's battle with Asriel.

Chara reminding Flowey

Chara torments Asriel with his bad memories as Flowey.

Chara in Dark

Chara prepares their "Special Hell."

Chara Dust

Chara's body shattering.

Chara's desire to Erase the timeline, as a whole, was nearly realised but required Asriel to activate the button. Asriel, refusing to take part in such a deed, gets struck by Chara, though Asriel dodges the first attack.

During the situation of the battle, Chara remembers their past and the wonderful moments he had with Asriel and the Dreemurr family. Bringing tears to his eyes only indicated that there was still hope for having the real Chara back. Chara was enraged by HATE and went forward to strike Asriel until he saw the heart-locket the duo held onto since the beginning and their end. Though, the hate soaks deeper and changes his mind to destroy the locket after claiming that it was pathetic. Asriel tells Frisk to summon the other souls, by calling for "A Little Help." After each soul helps weaken Chara, Asriel takes the risk to do the one thing Chara would have never expected him to do: hug him, breaking away the Hate and tearing away the Determination in the process. Chara loses his Determination but as his dying wish, they give away his soul to Asriel as a host to contain the other souls for Asriel. At last, he departs the soul stating Asriel was always a crybaby. Originally, Chara was thought to be dead, but Camila debunked this by answering a question, saying that Chara is trapped in the void.


VibrantJointAntbear-size restricted
IMG 5704


ChubbyPointlessDartfrog-size restricted
Chara doesn't make a physical appearance in this episode, but rather as a hallucination. He is seen when Bete confronts Sans and Asriel. Bete talks about how Asriel's soul is special and that they could feed it to Akumu because it was hungry at the time. Asriel tells Bete to stay away, however, Bete casts an illusion on Asriel and makes him see Chara.

Asriel is unable to move after seeing his best friend, Sans tells Asriel to move because he is aware that Bete was just fooling Asriel. But Asriel is unable to hear Sans, Bete then gets ready to claim Asriel's soul and throws their spear at him. By then, Asriel breaks out of the illusion and then Sans teleported in front of Asriel to save him at the cost of his own life.



Frisk talking about Chara and how Chara was furious with them.

Chara blinded by Hate

Chara blinded by HATE.

Like Dust, Chara doesn't make a physical appearance in this episode. He is first seen in part 1 when Frisk was confessing his mistakes to Asriel. Frisk talks about how the HATE was never supposed to take over Chara since that was caused by the glitches in the timeline, and almost everything in Season 2 is not supposed to be happening. In any worst-case scenario, Frisk would just RESET causing all the glitches that are happening in the timeline, Chara was furious with Frisk because he was pushing the timeline to its limits with no consequences so far. And how Frisk threw the HATE onto Chara causing him to return; blinded by HATE.

A hallucination of Chara in Love part 2.

In Part 2, he appears as a hallucination. Bete was making Frisk lose their determination by casting several hallucinations on them. The hallucinations were mainly focused on his Genocide/No Mercy route when he killed Toriel and Papyrus. After that, Chara appears, shattering (This is supposed to be reflecting Chara's death in Continue.) This makes Frisk lose a lot of his determination. (Camila mentioned that this was because people thought Chara was a bad person, but in reality, Frisk is to blame.) Chara makes another short appearance when Asriel joins Frisk's fight with Bete. Asriel remembers Sans and Chara. He mentioned that he can't let defeat happen, not again.

My Promise

~ Chara sobbing over Frisk's complete erasure from the timeline.
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Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 6.02.33 AM
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Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 6.03.01 AM
When Frisk met Chara in the void, he punched him in the face and said that that was for throwing his HATE on him. He blamed him for what happened in Season 1 until Frisk said that he can no longer reset and asked him to take his place as the game's protagonist. After accepting this request, Chara was offered his soul. After claiming it, Frisk told him that his memories that he had on the surface will eventually be given to him and that he can't go back with him.
Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 6.03.29 AM
Chara asks him why, and Frisk begins to glitch to show him that the timeline will collapse and erase itself again to Chara's surprise. Frisk also notes that they are the one Asriel will listen to and begins to switch with Chara. Chara tries to stop him, but Frisk had chosen to replace Chara with him, resulting in Chara being in the place of Frisk in his memories and Frisk being erased from those memories as if Frisk had never existed at all. Chara begs Frisk to stop and says that he doesn't want to forget him, crying. Frisk saves his changes and Chara returns to life.

Game Over Part 1

Maybe...You'll have a better chance now

At the beginning of the episode, Chara says that he needs to get something from Asriel's room and that he'll go back to the city once he does. Chara enters Asriel's room then opens a cabinet shelf to find Asriel's locket and a picture of him with Asriel, Toriel, and Asgore. Chara picks up Asriel's locket and brings it with him while going back to the city to encounter Asriel.


Chara defending themselves while fighting Asriel.

Ezgif 3 192061c016 by camilaanims-dccjmjn

Chara running away from Asriel's attacks.

Game Over HATE Chara

Chara breaking their own locket, which is a flashback from the episode "Continue".

Asriel attacks Chara while Chara defends himself from Asriel's attacks. Chara then realizes that Asriel won't listen to him then he shows Asriel his heart locket, Asriel commented that the locket was his and he asks Chara where was theirs. Asriel then remembers that Chara broke his locket. Out of anger, Asriel stabs Chara in the chest with a chaos saber. Chara is heavily wounded by the attack and end ups dying slowly, his soul shatters then he is sent to the Game Over screen. The timeline starts to erase itself while Chara watches all the screens that contained memories disappear, Chara stated that he needed another chance. Chara reaches over to one of the screens then he entered the screen before his whole body could get erased.
4185241708f92b60a07eebaa0ed616e84c76666br1-600-338 hq
Screenshot 4

Chara before getting erased.

Chara sees Asriel sleeping on a table, he enters the room through the window, his body slowly starts to disintegrate then he puts a blanket over Asriel. Chara then puts Asriel's locket on top of the cabinet nearby, this causes two lockets to exist at the very moment. Chara then starts to cry leaving tears on the locket, then he asks himself if this is all he can do and that he should've done more. Chara then gets erased.

Chara leaving the house.

After timeline 2 loaded, Chara wakes up. Toriel is seen in Chara’s bedroom and talks to Chara about how it’s “like it’s been forever since I saw you”. Chara then proceeds to hug Toriel, also feeling the same. Asgore and Gaster appear, also feeling the same way. After Gaster leaves, Chara says that he thinks that he knows how to save Asriel. Chara is then seen leaving the house.

Game Over Part 2

Capture 20190203172419

Chara worried over Asriel.

Chara is seen with Asriel's locket after Asgore tells Mettaton of the fate of Alphys. Asgore notices Chara seems worried, so he asks what is wrong. Chara says that he has a feeling that something is going to go wrong and worries that Asriel won't listen to him. Asgore reminds Chara that he and Asriel were not just brothers, but best friends with evidence of his locket, and tells Chara that he and Toriel will be there. Chara thanks Asgore as the discussion eased his worry.

PlainDependableBlackmamba-size restricted
Stay Down

Chara yelling at Bete to stay down.

Chara appears after Mettaton's battle with Bete Noire ends. As Chara runs in with a sword, Bete tries to flee from him, but Mettaton is still holding onto her leg. This gives Chara an opportunity to strike Bete, which he takes by whacking her with his sword. As Bete gets slammed into
Chara epic

Chara preparing both his Determination sword and knife.

the wall, Chara asks how everyone is, showing concern for his friends. Chara notices Bete getting up, to which he yells at her to stay down. A beam of light appears from his sword, aiming directly for Bete. As it's about to hit her, Asriel jumps in, deflecting it. Chara appears upset seeing his best friend under Bete's control. Chara readies his sword, prepared to battle.

Chara appears at the final scene of the episode where Bete talks to him about her plan. He is then also seen with a knife and sword in the last few seconds of the animation.


Chara appears in the stadium battling with Bete, he attacks and Bete easily blocks the
SereneGrayFossa-size restricted
attacks. Chara uses his "special hell" attack and says Toriel to switch her attack towards Asriel then the attack won't hurt him, the attack causes big damage on Bete.

Chara leaves Bete to Asgore and Toriel and he focuses on Asriel to make him not interrupt the battle. He attacks Asriel with his Armor and throws him out of the stadium.



  • Chara is able to use their "File 0" only when HATE is powering their Determination.
  • Out of all three of the DETERMINATION users, Chara has the strongest DETERMINATION.
  • Before My Promise came out, Chara existed in the void.[1]
  • Frisk's Determination could not match that of Chara's.[2][3]
  • The nickname "Cry Baby" was given to Asriel by Chara.
  • Bete used Chara as an illusion to lower Asriel's guard.
    • In fact, Chara may be a bait for Bete to kill her victims but this goes only for those who know Chara or did something wrong to them.
  • Chara's original eye color is Brown but with Determination, it's red.[4]
  • Camila Cuevas supports the "Chara Is Not Evil" theory.[5][6]
  • Sans' machine can't bring Chara back before the events of My Promise.[7]
  • Asriel can't return Chara's soul to them.[8]
  • Chara was in the void because they died of unnatural causes. (ex: fell into the CORE, gave your soul away) [9]
  • Some of Chara's attacks can be used by wizards.[10]
  • If hard-mode wasn't activated, Chara would never have come back in Season 1 and those fights would have never happened.[11]
  • Chara's appearance resembles Copper Lightvale's appearance.
  • Chara was a soulless being filled with their trait when "*Determination" started. But by the end of it, when Chara created a SAVE FILE, the game/world itself gave Chara a new SOUL of their own.
    • Since only a human with a soul of Determination is able to have a SAVE FILE, the game/world treated the SOULLESS Chara as a glitch. And in order to try to fix it, a new SOUL was created.
      • After giving their SOUL to Asriel, Chara went back to the void. To the game/world, Chara isn't dead, but they aren't alive either. When this happens, and when they have no SOUL to exist in the world, they get sent into the void. (also known as "the game code")
  • HATE had nothing to do with Chara. The HATE was coming from everyone as Frisk attempted the genocide route, therefore the monsters hated him for killing everyone and as a result, Frisk hated them back.[12]
    • Because Hate is indestructible, all of it had to go somewhere so it went into Chara
  • Chara didn't kill the Amalgamates, Chara just absorbed the Amalgamates' determination and this caused the Amalgamates' to turn to dust.[13]
  • Chara alone (without the HATE) still had a point about erasing the timeline as shown in Love Part 2.
  • No one takes Chara's place at the end of My Promise.[14]
  • Chara does not remember Frisk or their promise.[15]
  • If Chara dies, the timeline will still glitch out of existence until Bete is dead.[16]
  • In Camila's speedpaint "Farewell Frisk", Frisk's soul had a black outline that was proof of little HATE. Camila confirmed that the HATE is enough to enhance some attacks and believes it can be an advantage, not a problem.[17]
  • After Frisk got erased from the timeline entirely, Chara and Asriel's memory of what happened in Continue changed; Chara was saved from HATE by Asriel, the six human souls created a special soul for Asriel and through a combined effort, he was able to break the barrier.[18]
  • Frisk and Chara were really good friends that it got to the point where Frisk knew Chara better than anyone. [19]
  • Chara and Asriel are the only ones who could cause problems to timeline changes. [20]
  • At the end of Game Over, Chara is seen with both a knife and a sword. It is unknown what he will be able to do with these at the same time, but it shows that he can summon both at the same time and utilize them.
  • Chara and Asriel have a better understanding of the game functions, as well as Sans.[21]


  6. Camila Cuevas supports the "Chara Is Not Evil" theory. (Quote)
    (click "Expand" to read)
    NO ONE NOTICED FROM SEASON 1: Chara went after the amalgamates not some monster in Hotland not some monster in Waterfall but specifically for the amalgamates. Chara could've gone to kill Undyne as well and could have gotten infinite DT but from the entire underground the ones that would cause less guilt to kill were also the amalgamates. Hate wasn't in full effect yet and Chara still felt guilty since those were the only choices they had of course. Later on, they went on and they successfully killed Sans and Frisk, since Frisk deserved it and for Sans as it is because of the last timeline but Chara could've killed Gaster and Flowey many times and they didn't, they weren't trying to kill not if it wasn't necessary they just wanted to reset the timeline. Chara didn't kill Frisk in *Determination because the file has to be with a valid name before resetting so it can be a successful Reset so they took control of it first and then tried to Reset.
    ~ -Camila during a Twitch broadcast on July 26, 2017


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