Camila Cuevas is a famous Artist/YouTuber/Animator, best known as the creator of the "Glitchtale" series. Her first and Undertale-related animation was an animation short called "Snow Statues."



Camila is easily best known as the creator of the popular web series Glitchtale, which, if it isn't apparent, is the wiki's content.


Although she is best known as an animator, some people(mostly fans of what the video is on) know Camila for her amazing speed-paint videos, which display her immense talent in digital and traditional art.

A couple of varieties of her speed-paint videos are Screenshot Redraws (where Camila would take suggestions from her social media on a Glitchtale scene that she would redraw), and Commission Speedpaints (in which Camila would take a commission from DeviantArt and make a speed-paint).

Gameplay Video Game Related Videos

Camila is not just a talented animator and a gifted artist, she is also a gamer. She sometimes makes montages, streams video games, etc. These video games would sometimes include games like Leauge of Legends, CS:GO, Pubg, Hollow Knight, and so on so forth.


  • Created a extremely popular web series called "Glitchtale".
  • Created the stick fighting animation series called "Elements".
  • Has gained over 1,000,000+ subscribers.

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