Burgerpants is a background character that made a cameo appearance in My Sunshine but, has never made an appearance in any other Glitchtale episode since.


Burgerpants is a 19-year-old monster whose appearance resembles an orange-brown cat. He wears a shirt with a golden name tag, brown pants and a small yellow hat that has MTT written in black on it.


Burgerpants is overworked and stressed monster due to his job, which he clearly despises. He usually acts selfish, and only seems to be concerned about his own future. But, at the same time, he is somewhat hopeful, and sometimes gets sarcastic, most notably when he gets annoyed.

Also, when talking about certain topics, Burgerpants can be extremely happy and opinionated, but this quickly changes once he goes back to concentrating on his job.

He also seems to not have cared that Frisk had threatened to kill him in the Genocide Route, stating he can't be because he "ran out of vacation days".


My Sunshine

When Frisk said that humans have seemed to accept monsters as their equal, the screen cut to Burgerpants at work. He was seen presumably telling Jerry to go to the end of the line with a frustrated expression on his face.


  • The "M" in his hat changes along with his expressions.
  • Burgerpants is one of the few characters that closely matches his concept art.
  • The name "Burgerpants" isn't the real name for this character, but instead, a nickname, with his real name being unknown throughout the game.


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