You are filled with Bravery.
~ Asriel being filled with Bravery on Continue

Bravery is a human soul trait.


The soul of those who possess bravery as a soul trait is orange. Humans who have a bravery soul trait may have orange hair, and orange eyes, for example Agate and Robin. This isn't always the case though, we know that since Robin's hair is her natural brown hair rather than orange, while Agate's hair was completely orange.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Blasts: This trait has the ability to spawn magic and throw it at their enemies as a blast.
  • Weapon of Bravery: People with a bravery soul are able to make a weapon made out of magic but it takes a lot of practice to do so.
  • Statistics Amplification: If a Bravery soul is fighting next to other people that feel like being brave or feel self confident, that bravery soul would get stronger.[1]

What Camila Cuevas Said About Bravery

  • It is the only soul trait that can be divided into both physical, and moral aspects.
  • This trait is usually balanced in each wizard, and but with the expection of a subject that possesses more or less of one aspect compared to the other.
  • Physical Bravery resists very well everything that is physical pain, hard work, exhaustion or the possibility of receiving injuries, or even death.
  • Moral Bravery allows the people to act correctly, despite the dishonor, shame, or social rejection you might get from your decisions.
  • These aspects do not define a wizard’s magic power but it might be an issue for the subject’s magic if it affects them personally. However, this would only happen if the two aspects are not well balanced, but as mentioned earlier, it not very likely to occur.

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  • The soul trait, FEAR is not a new trait, instead, it is an inverted version of Bravery. (Color: dark orange.)
  • Although the FEAR soul is the opposite of the Bravery soul, the Bravery soul can't beat the FEAR soul because negatives are always stronger than their positive counterpart.
  • Only FEAR can come from Bravery.[2]
  • FEAR is not a natural soul trait but an artificial one.


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