The Bow of Justice is a magical bow, so far, only Roy has been seen using it.


  • Sharp Arrows: The arrows used for this bow is known to be sharp, and are able to pierce through several apples quickly without damaging the apples too much.
  • Change Shape: His magic weapon can change in size slightly to adjust his arrow's reach.
  • Danmaku: Roy's arrow are unique among other justice archers as they can multiply or divide in mid-air.


  • Roy is skilled at archery.
  • Roy was always looked up upon by an anonymous (likely Kody) person, because of his archery skills.

He never misses a shot

-What are you doing here?

~OH! N-nothing just….y'know… just. Y'know watching…

- Ha! Don’t worry, I’ve already noticed that you never miss one of Roy’s training sessions

~Ahhh rats… is it that obvious? He’s just so cool. I used to always look up to him when I was a kid…. well, even more of a kid. He inspired me to become… well… one of you guys.

-One of us. You mean

~Yeah… it still feels weird to call myself a wizard, being the youngest… the newest… not coming from royalty…

-Hey don’t feel bad. Rin is sorta new to this job as well, and good heavens she does have a lot of pressure on her… There probably won’t be another patience wizard as powerful as her sister ever, THAT only, is a barrier Rin feels she must surpass. So don’t put unnecessary weight on your shoulders. You were chosen for a reason.

~Haha… Thank you… hey look who arrived. Nice timing from the princessess

-Well, well, well. They’re siting in the back

~Did you see that!! Roy just nailed that shot man, from such a long distance! Aaargg! He’s so cool. He never misses a shot!

-Ohoho… I bet you… 50… nono, 100 gold he DOES miss a shot in this session.

~Hahaha! Roy? Missing? You’re kidding. It’s been at least 2 hours and he hasn’t missed once… not counting all the other times I’ve seen him. Even when he has people screaming around he manages to focus entirely as if the world didn’t matter

-You might be his secret fan, but I’ve lived with him 26 years. So I’m warning ya, this is not a fair bet on you, but if you want to risk it… I won’t stop you



~HMMMMM… in this training session as in… now?

-Tell you what. In the next 20 seconds

~Pftt you’re crazy

-So? You got nothing to lose do you?

~Ok then. Deal.




~He keeps nailing all the shoots dude there’s no way he’s m-… wh- what are you doing? Screaming won’t wor-




-…. hahahahah! Ohh there it goes…


-Maaan that arrow might hit a window in the castle


-Oh man hahaha! his face looks like a tomato.

~He actually missed…

-Miss?! I’m surprised it didn’t hit the moon. Hahaha!

~Pftt… aww rats.

-… I warned ya kid. Now hand over the gold

~Ha, you spend too much time in the forest, you even act like a fox now.

-Nah, I just do what a normal brother would do. Annoy the hell out of him

~Hahahaha… uh oh… he looks pissed with ya. I think he’s coming this way… You should definitely-

~Huh… to be so big… he’s really fast running.

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