• Anoara Khatun 7

    Comic by Camila. 

    It is not Undyne's fault. !

    lol I know he is still alive in the comic but maybe going to die ?

    comment bellow

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  • Kiki Kite

    So, I'm curious.

    Which season of Glitchtale do you think was better? Season 1, or 2? It would be cool to see the reasons why as well!

    (Watch No One Respond To This)

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  • HeartLock

    Wizard and Children

    April 28, 2019 by HeartLock

    I finally found the post on Camilia Tumblr about the wizard and children. [[1]]

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  • LittleGhostlyRose


    April 19, 2019 by LittleGhostlyRose

    heya everybody! Its me , Lunar from the account LunarEclipsingLight , though I no longer use it . Please don't pester me why its personal ok? but uh yeah! I now am on a computer sooooooo I CAN LINK MY DA ACCOUNT AND STUFFS LOL

    DA: Quotev: (Other acconuts, meh im lazy lololololol) Please refer to me as Rose okie? Coolio.

    ~Rose :3

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    Betty: -Hums part of her "scared of me" parody song-

    Betty: -sees a whole mess (of what is going on with the timeline in paper)-

    Betty: WHAT IS THIS MESS?!?!?!


    Game: Apperently, Frisk just did this in the timeline, read the papers.

    Betty: -reads paper-

    ___________________________________________________________________________________What did Frisk do in this TIMELINE.

    1. Do a Genocide Route in Hard Mode
    2. Reset in the middle of a Genocide Route when not supposed to Reset.
    3. Saw W.D Gaster when not supposed to see him.
    4. Try to free W.D Gaster when he was supposed to stay in the VOID area.
    5. Broke the barrier without battling Asgore first and battle Asriel.
    6. Brought Asriel back when he was supposed to stay as Flowe…
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  • KirbyPKMNInkling

    Apparently it was my 2 Year Wikiversary around a week ago. Time flies...

    So why am I making this? Well to look over the history of what I did on here, which... wasn't much. I mostly roleplayed with Geekgal anyways. I have no idea why I was a mod for some time since I did... really nothing. And around December of 2017, I just quite roleplaying. Well, I didn't quit, I moved them so the Wiki Activity isn't just filled with our banter... you get the idea. 

    So now two years. I haven't been doing much on here... or really Fandom in general. So what's going on? Well... I'm just not interested in Glitchtale as much. Dont get me wrong, I get a heart attack every time Cami releases a new episode, but speculation and stuff... not my thing anymore. Heck…

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  • Createsans

    I'm back y'all

    March 24, 2019 by Createsans

    And I have no idea what to do.

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  • PrincessLOL90

    Hello, this is Moonlight Twinkle I'm making this beuz that if you need to find me I'm on alot of websites




    Thats where you'll find me from now on or here.

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  • MasterSlenderTR

    Hello, fellow Wikians!

    Have a good day everyone ^.^
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  • Kiki Kite

    Game Over Part 2

    February 3, 2019 by Kiki Kite

    So... I know it hasn't been much time since the most recent episode's release... but what did you all think? Was this one better? Worse?  Was it sadder? Let's get talking people! :3

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  • LunarEclipsingLight


    ahem. Sorry for being offline 😅

    (Deviant Art user name -> LittlePrettyRose )

    (YT Channel Name-> LittleGhostlyRose)

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  • CZHouzit

    The Sensei has spoken. --- Now, at first, you’d probably agree and say that Frisk’s un-existence (not death, because a death actually has meaning). But if you go back and watch, you’ll notice that Frisk doesn’t actually develop. He doesn’t have a character arc. --- Your beginning immediately captured my interest. A very good way to start a blog. ---

    At the end of season 1, Frisk says:


    And you’d think this shows he changed, which is true, but it’s not like he developed to a point where he would make this decision. He just, did it without any hint that he actually would have other than “this is the best ending, so we’re going with it”. I mean I get the “never settle for less” but there wouldn't have been any way he could have known about this o…

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  • Sandstorm5002

    My dudes who all has watched game over part 2!!!!! I can't wait to watch it pls tell me how it went thanks also tell me if u liked it thanks:)

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  • KirbyPKMNInkling

    Well... I thought it was coming later.... Cami you sly devil you...

    Game Over Pt. 2 has released and I LOVED IT. First off, Mettaton was handled wonderfully in this episode. He was easily the best part. He fights for justice to defeat the Bete Noire like everyone else, which really shows how much Betty has done to the city, while MTT still keeps some of his show-biz attitude. It's the perfect blend and I waiting for Mettaton was worth the wait. Betty also won a battle for once, despite literally spamming one attack most of the time. She didn't kill Mettaton, but came close.

    The relationship with Gaster and Jessica was well handled, especially when closer to the end I ACTUALLY BEGAN TO CARE FOR JESSICA which is a sentence I never thought I'd …

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  • SomeNeutralBoi

    New character idea

    January 26, 2019 by SomeNeutralBoi

    I was wondering, why not to make a new character? Like Pure HATE or the Reap Soul (Dark Grey).

    Ikthis is short, but i had no ideas.

    -Thanks for reading, made by SomeNeutralBoi.

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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    More art.

    December 31, 2018 by LunarEclipsingLight

    Meh once again I was bored. Sorry for being offline. But in that time I think I improved a lot with my art not to mention I use IbisPaint X now which was way better than ArtFlow. I also have a YouTube Channel now but's in a work in progress ;-; anyways, here's the art and speedpaint: 

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  • Doctor11Who


    December 13, 2018 by Doctor11Who

    Hello! I love GT and wanted to thanks C for making it happen!

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  • Createsans

    My stylistic idea

    December 11, 2018 by Createsans

    |Bete Noire|Betty|Betty}} (Use Edit > Source to see it.)

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  • Createsans

    How do I do what you guys did with the character boxes?

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  • Mettagal

    Tell me what you guys are excited for this Christmas! You could tell me what you are doing for New Years!!!

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    Even Tho I am NOT supposed to talk about this.....

    but i have to say this anyways

    First of all, I DO NOT WANT THIS WIKIA TO LEAVE. I really like this wikia how it is. and if this so called "FANDOM" thingy don't like us at all, WELL THEN SCREW FANDOM.

    And yes, i am not supposed to say "screw" but i have to.

    So if you guys wanna leave this wikia then FINE WITH ME.

    I could deal with this wikia myself. 

    Go to neoseeker if you want. I will NEVER, I repeat myself, NEVER go to neoseeker.

    So whoever is the owner of this wikia, go ahead and leave if you want, i am not forcing you to do this but........ If you really want to go there then just go. And one more thing

    I will leave a poll here below if you want to leave and trust neoseeker more. Thank you and …

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  • KirbyPKMNInkling


    November 21, 2018 by KirbyPKMNInkling

    I'm going to make this simple. I'm askng a bottom from the bottom of my heart because it's been bothering me for so long now. This is for anyone who decides to read this.

    1. Have you dealt with depression? 
    2. If yes, how did you deal with it? Do you still suffer from it?
    3. Have you ever wanted to kill yourself? If so, why?
    4. If you had advice to offer someone who is suffering from depression, what would you say?

    I know it's dark, but I feel like I'm all alone in the world and I want to know if someone has also suffered from this.

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123


    November 19, 2018 by ReformedBettyNoire123

    So if you guys noticed that on my old account i made a message wall post about a roleplay.

    The characters you choose will be on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

    For example, If i said i want to take the role of Betty Noire, No one else can take that role since i was the first one.

    Ok roleplay in the comments!

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ROLEPLAY LIST!!!!!



    Betty: ReformedBettyNoire123


    Other Glitchtale Characters (Write in comments):

    AU Characters (Write in comments):

    Leader Ghosts (That tell the characters what to do. -Write in name of ghost in comments-): sixthedemonchild


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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    Like I said in the past post, I made a part 2. readers beware you're in for a ________. (i don't know a word that rhymes with 'beware' that means to laugh.)

    -Betty then wakes up in the mountain and sees a trash can.-

    -betty destroys the trash can-

    -agate then shows up (in ghost form)-


    Betty: What mom? you said 'go destroy everything'. did you not know that at all?

    Agate (leader): -facepalms herself- When I said that, I mean go destroy EVERYTHING in this TIMELINE. not EVERYTHING you SEE to destroy it.

    -Betty and Agate keeps arguing for no reason-


    Frisk: Asriel, tell me if I am seeing things.

    Asriel: IDK what is going on right now.

    -Chara then comes alive and Reks betty …

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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    The pictures are of Mila Rutrow, Rin Winterway, and Agate Lightvale


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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    LOOKIE LUNAR DREW ANOTHER PICTURE YAYA.yup more pictures this time i drew Frisky though.#DigitalArtThatsProbablyCringyAsHeck

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    (you are gonna laugh out hard about this)

    Copper: We are having a new sibling

    Kindness Wizard: I don't think she will make it, my magic is giving a shipwreck on me.

    Copper: Oh no.

    Agate (Bravery): Don't worry, she'll make it.

    (unknown blue soul then splits and shatters)


    Agate: Oh no.

    Amber (Baby): Hello I'm Amber and I'm adorable as fall

    Copper: OMG your so adorable

    Amber (kid): Happy Family

    Amber (kid): Look bro I have a cool soul

    Copper: Cool

    Agate: Fight me you noob

    Copper: No

    Agate: Yes

    Copper: No

    Agate: Yes

    Copper: No

    Agate: Yes

    Copper: Fine

    (The fight happens)

    Copper: Ha I win you noob

    Agate (grey soul): I'm outta here

    (copper waits for a minute or two)

    Agate (Brown FEAR soul): JK I am back

    Agate (Brown FEAR soul): May I please come back

    Copper: Yeah, Su…

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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    Heya guys! soo i decided to try out a new app for making digital art annnddd i made a picture of Bête Noire from Episode 1 of Glitchtale! (My Sunshine is what the episodes called!) and yeah! i literally drew it with my fingures sooo i think its pretty impressive i guess ;-;. give me what you think of it in the comments if you want and what could be improved :D

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    My Artwork.

    November 14, 2018 by ReformedBettyNoire123

    This is my artwork of Betty Noire.

    Please be noticed that i tried my best.

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    Would you rather......

    Be Frisk and deal with everything he had to deal with in Glitchtale


    Be Chara and destroy the heck outta the world


    Be Amber Lightvale and get rekt


    Be Betty Noire and do whatever you want.

    ANSWERS down on the COMMENTS. Thank You!

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  • FurryLord

    woah im back

    November 12, 2018 by FurryLord
    • kicks in door* AHAHAHA IM BAAAAACK





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  • Mysticquation

    I translated the text on the main page in google translate through several languages and this came out:

    "Glectale do it.

    The time is changed so that the entire recovery is consumed through a series of Glectale, fodder, or moral, the slaughter of the oppressors is plain used to rest on a powerful storm in the story. Gilichel was founded on February 27, 2016 2016 pharetrata cuisine.

    Status can not be a site.

    Vicipaedia Glictel Vikishian Glictel said that it has written written by The buttons in the accounts

    Guess easy, do not forget Wiki is knowledgeable. You can delete. New, can Staff will help in buying the facility."

    I'll probably do some more next time, I'll update this blog with more translations lol.

    UPDATE 2 11-12-18:

    I translated Chara's pag…

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  • The-Soul-Of-Insanity

    Betty and Amber!

    November 10, 2018 by The-Soul-Of-Insanity

    Welp, This was fun... It was a Collab With my internet Friend ThanyTheLilHuman... Aka. Kat

    Note- The Sketch I used is kinda old, so I sketched it again. Did my lineart, I looked crappy, so I made that into sketch 3. The Lineart I made after that was the one I worked with so...


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  • Sandstorm5002

    All about me

    November 8, 2018 by Sandstorm5002

    hi i am trinity i am 13 years old and i love glitchtale. I am on season 2 and am loving it. I started watching  Undertale dubs  about 2 years ago. i am nice,but can be mean sometimes. I think my soul trait would be black/green/red. Also know as determination,compassion,and hate. but you know that probably is not me. I love to watch Fairytale. I love animals. uummmmm.......i think thats all...oh yeah pls leave commets below..i sound like a freaking youtuber "leave commets below and dont forget to subscribe" lol

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  • ReformedBettyNoire123

    Would You Rather

    Have Akumu as your pet? OR Deal with everything Frisk and Chara had to deal with in the full Glichtale Series.

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  • Mettagal

    Tell me in the comments what you were for halloween! I would love to hear them!

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  • Sixthedemonchild

    i need help

    October 31, 2018 by Sixthedemonchild

    soo no one likes me here i think i just need help ok but you know i will do anything for someone to help me ANYTHING and if no one will help me ill sadly have to leave i hope you understand :(

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  • Poofoster
    • what be like , the reaction of everyone if camila go on comicon?
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  • Sixthedemonchild


    October 30, 2018 by Sixthedemonchild

    anyone heard of quotev sorry just need help with something 

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  • Asianpotter1


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  • Asianpotter1

    At the time of writing this, episode 6 of season 2 has yet to come out. Additionally, the prequel story has also yet to come out.

    Glitchtale is owned and made by Camila Cuevas.

    To start off with, I want everybody to keep in mind that this is not meant to be a bash/insult or attack on any of the people involved with the creation/production of Glitchtale. I have a deep respect for everyone who has contributed to Glitchtale. However, nobody is free from peer review or criticism. This is only my opinion and my interpretation of the story laid out so far. You are free to agree or disagree as you like. I’m open to debate things if there is something you believe I have gotten wrong. Once new information/episodes are released, I will look over the n…

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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    I was wrong ;-;

    October 25, 2018 by LunarEclipsingLight

    You know when i said that Gaster wasn't related to the skeleton bros? i was wrong. hes there father as said in the Sans, Papyrus AND Gaster Wikias ;-; darn you Wikipedia. 

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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    Hi again!

    October 24, 2018 by LunarEclipsingLight

    Hi again guys! sooo has anybody thought it was weird that Camila added some random back characters like Cam , Abigail and Lily? actually i think its supposed to be like that! you know so um the children like represent the 7 wizards you know? i dont know i just thought of it and yeeaahh this gonna get debunked very fast isn't it XD 

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  • LunarEclipsingLight

    Hello Everyone. My name is LunarEclipsingLight And I have decided to join this community of glitchtale fans , Camila of course , etc. i hope that in my time here i can make friends, and help people understand the confusing story of glitchtale. but just to help those who have never heard of glitchtale and have just found my profile randomly, heres some basic information to note about starting to watch glitchtale!

    season 1 notes: 

    1. from what i believe, in the series Gaster is not related to Sans or Papyrus , for Camila's own reasons.

    2. Chara and Frisk in the series are considered male to Camila however in the series their both referred to as 'They' and 'there' etc.

    Season 2 notes

    1. Amber, Copper and Agate are siblings. Agate is just very twis…

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  • Withersoul 235


    I have been equipped with the task of announcing on MasterSlender's behalf that he is planning to fork the Glitchtale Wikia from FANDOM. What this means is that he will abandon this wiki and export its content to another wiki hosting service — then continue there. Essentially, we are leaving FANDOM.

    Please note that:

    • this is not my idea, per se. I am merely a messenger.
    • simply because it's on Slender's mind doesn't mean it's 100% guaranteed to happen — we will hold it a community decision.

    I will introduce this project before we will get to voting.

    First of all ...

    • Must be a legitimate wiki member to cast a vote. We won't accept votes from random users from other communities.
    • Try to not excessively disrespect FANDOM in your comments

    In gener…

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  • PrincessLOL90


    September 30, 2018 by PrincessLOL90

    Welp sorry if i took i dunno 2 weeks for my next Glichtale MLP version So here ya go

    hope you enjoy! :3

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  • Kindnessaj


    September 26, 2018 by Kindnessaj

    Wooo!the winners are: (Here i quote) 1st: Artty-Chan 2nd: Liryca 3rd: xmagicalsunx Congratz, just write your email (or create one and I'll contact you)in the comments

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  • KirbyPKMNInkling

    Huh, today is September 20th... Okay then.

    i know I said this on the Discord Server but I wanted to say a bit more since I think it's easier to blog something then write in on a blog.

    A lot has changed over the past year.. I changed my status, I started to move my RPs somewhere else, I've become less active.. yet still I consider the Glitchtale Wiki my home away from home. Sure I may not have been on as much in the past year, but I love this place. I love his place and the community that makes it. Everyone here. My birthday wish for you all is that you remain as awesome as you always are. Because that's really what we all need, a light in the dark. A light in the dark through a death, depression, or what have you.

    I think I said enough. Than…

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  • Kindnessaj

    OH WAIT IT WAS YESTERDAY? NOOOO anyways heres a late drawing I made, it took me about 45 mins, idk, and the materials I used were Crayola Supertips markers, so here ya go. Undertale was an amazing thing to me and still is, I wouldnt uave known about glitchtale, or met all of you guys if it weren't for toby's masterpiece, so thank you toby fox, and ily all...

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  • KirbyPKMNInkling

    UNDERTALE is a game that has changed the way I precieve life. I don't just blitz and go crazy, it helps me calm down and understand that everyone has a reason, that everyone can deserve mercy. And the gameplay, the music, and ESPECIALLY the characters have affected my life so much to this point. Without UNDERTALE, I never would have met all of the people on here, or a lot of other UNDERTALE fans.

    The art here is drawn by me. It's pretty bad quality being shown here, but I'm proud of it and everything on there.

    With that said, I would like to thank Toby Fox. I dount he's reading this blog post, but I thank him for creating sucha  beautiful, stellar video game that have affected the lives of many. In fact, I would like to thank everyone in th…

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