Bete's Spear is Bete Noire's best known weapon that seems to be made of magic. It is capable of jerking out a victim's soul without shattering it. Despite this ability, it seems the spear can't be used as a conventional weapon and is only used to steal souls.


  • Collecting Souls: This spear is able to pierce through the target's chest, which reveals their soul through the other end of the spear. It is also capable of removing it from the victim without breaking it.
  • Fusion Inducement: In My Promise, Betty was able to use her spear to fuse with Akumu, thus unleashing her full form.
  • Magical Explosion: Bete is able to make her spear release a magical explosion, assumingly increasing the attack power of the spear.
  • Attached Rope/String: A rope/string can be attached to the spear in order for Betty to collect the soul of the target after the spear stabs them.
  • Blocking: While the spear is mainly for soul extracting, Betty can also use it to block projectiles, such as Undyne's spears in Love.


  • Bete's spear seems to only be for soul extracting and merging with Akumu. Therefore, when Bete fought her foes, Akumu usually morphed into a different weapon.
  • The spear is the representation of Bete's soul.
  • As seen in Dust and Do or Die, Bete can conjure a spear which she uses to take people's souls, usually by throwing the spear while it's attached to a string or simply throwing it like a javelin.
  • Betty never used her spear again after she fused in My Promise (currently).