This scythe is a weapon that is able to shift into different forms that allow the user to use it in different ways. It is also known as Akumu and not a literal weapon only when she is not fused with them.

Bete is well known for having a wide arsenal thanks to her weapons. Originally, she usually made Kumu transform into the weapon she desired, which was usually the sythe. But, once her soul was intact, she began to create these weapons by herself.


  • Scythe: Possibly Bete's best-known weapon, (besides her iconic spear) which is her most used weapon to attack her foes. Though she can use it to destroy or throwback enemy projectiles (as shown in Do or Die).
    • Dark Magical Explosions: HATE has the ability to enable this weapon to create enhanced explosions.
      Bete Epic Slashing
    • Dark Magic Enhancement: HATE has the ability to amplify the weapon's attack damage releasing black, smoke-like energy at the tip of the scythe.
  • Scythe Slash: Bete Noire can also use an extremely powerful slash with her scythe. She can be seen using it multiple times in the series, including her battles with Gaster and Undyne the Undying.
  • Hand Sythe: This is self-explanatory, as her hands become scythes, though, she can only use this if she is whole.


  • According to Camila, Bete's Scythe represents death.
  • When split, this weapon is technically just Akumu shapeshifting into a scythe.
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