This event is the first battle involving human and monster kind in Season 2. As the battle for Toriel's school later, it caused many deaths. The humans and monsters were overwhelmed by the city's panic and the huge amount of pink creatures, leading to the HSO and the AMD to take drastic measures against that. The battle involved Bete, Frisk, Asriel, Jessica, Gaster, Undyne, Alphys, Asgore, and Papyrus. 

Human casualities were high. Many innocent people were slaughtered and the HSO & AMD decided to launch a military operation. This battle involved Bete, Frisk, Asriel, Asgore and Toriel.


After the beginning of the battle, Frisk decided to go to the school with Asgore and Asriel in order to protect the students because they are easy targets for the pink creatures.

Toriel was supposed to work at the school. But when the battle started, as a director, Toriel might have ordered the teachers to confine the children and avoid at all costs any casualties.

Bete decided to start a "Plan B" since she betrayed Jessica in "Dust". She ordered her pink creature army to attack and harvest as much possible souls for magical energy.

Bete ordered her creature army to attack the city. During the attack, the town was paralyzed and there was all panic in the streets.

Undyne, Asgore and Jessica crossed the city from the police station to join Gaster and the others.

Gaster, Frisk, Asriel and Alphys were attacked by 3 creatures and attempted to defend themselves against them


The battle had started when the pink creatures appeared on the floor (like when Alphys was attacked). When they decided to attack, they targeted the children because they were an easier target than the adults.

One of the unknown children who died during the conflict.

After the first casualities, the teachers of the school may have warned Toriel about that. They took some security measures in order to protect the children and wait for humans and monsters to help them.

After that Asgore, Asriel and Frisk were teleported by Gaster, they decided to try to eliminate every single pink creature in the school. During the battle, several children had died. The number of deaths is unknown.

Later, the creatures retreated according to Bete's orders.

Despite the efforts of the humans and monsters, they couldn't take care of the situation due to the fact that the action radius was too big and also that they needed more effective weapons.


HSO military intevention in night time after the events that happened in the city.

After the events of "Do or Die", the AMD leader Jessica Grey, decided to warn the civilians to barricade themself in the houses and flee the war zones from the AMD's emergency radio. She also encouraged them saying that the monsters would guard them at all costs showing that she has developed a friendship with monsterkind.

The HSO decided in "Love Part 2" to defend the city until the situation gets better.