Toriel, Asgore, Frisk and Undyne split into groups to protect the city. This shot follows the three; Toriel, Asgore and Frisk. On the way, Bete and Asriel attack them and block their way.


Toriel, Asgore and Frisk were walking somewhere when Bete rushes at them, jumping off of a building to attack them.


Bete dodging Asgore's trident.

Frisk gets thrown to the side but he holds on to the ground to slow himself down. Asgore throws his trident at Bete but it was useless, as she dodges and teleports away. She tells them that her first priority is Frisk, then she unleashes Asriel (corrupted by HATE) on Asgore and Toriel. He calls Toriel a hypocrite, then Toriel freezes in place long enough for Asriel to unleash a Shocker Breaker on her.

Meanwhile, Frisk deflects one of Bete's attacks, before realizing that Akumu and Bete were one horrifying being now. Bete asks why he is scared, taunting them asking wheater it's their looks or the fact that he knows can't defeat her. Frisk summons a sword and shield, and Bete gets ready to do another attack.

Frisk tackles Asriel with his shield.

Back to the Dreemurrs, Asgore blocks Asriel's rainbow fire, but just as he gets finished, he got hit by a final one. Toriel yells at Asriel, hoping he would stop. But then Asriel proceeds to insult Asgore for killing the six children that fell in the underground. Asriel decides to show how he can be as coldblooded as his dad was while murdering those six children. Then he teleports and stabs Asgore in the shoulder. Everyone ( excluding Bete and Asriel ) is suddenly in shock, Asriel gets ready to finish Asgore off when Frisk stops fighting Bete to tackle Asriel. Then he tells the Dreemurrs that they should run away and think of a plan. Toriel yells that she can’t leave Asriel but Frisk tells her that whatever she did isn’t going to help. Bete tells them that they won't be getting away so easily, so she commands Asriel to use his Shocker Breaker attack on Frisk before they escape which Frisk responds to with yelling for them to run.