It's true that not everything can be solved with kindness. In fact... there is a lot of cruelty on the surface. Things don't always go our way. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. There's sadness, grief, fear, death... And yet... There're these small... tiny, little moments in our lives that are worth living and fighting for. I want to feel happiness. I want to feel love. Even you agreed... that there was no point in living in a world without love.
~ Asriel to Flowey on in Love

Asriel Dreemurr was an ally of Frisk in both Season 1 and 2, and at the same time, he was previously Flowey, who is voiced by Adox0graphist.


Asriel is a male Boss Monster that has a goat-like appearance. He wears a green yellow-striped sweater with brown leggings, and black shoes and has green eyes and white fur.

When he is controlled by HATE, his scleras turn black, and his irises turn pink. He also has his black face markings that connect his lower jaw to his eyes.


You'll DIE if you go alone. You can barely hold your DETERMINATION together.
~ Asriel to Frisk in Love, also showing Asriel's kind-hearted nature

Asriel is a very tender-hearted monster, as it is shown that he greatly cares about his friends and family, and misses Chara after they were sent to the void. Although it may depend on the situation, he is usually very helpful and has good intentions. Asriel is the exact opposite of Flowey when judging the two by their personalities and seems to want to leave behind his past with Flowey.

Asriel was great friends with Frisk and Sans, along with Bete who at first was shown to be kind and innocent but unfortunately, Sans was killed by Bete Noire in the "Dust" episode in which she reveals her true nature. Frisk also turned himself on Asriel and insults him in "Love", to increase his LV and fight Bete Noire, sadly, Asriel seems to be lonely and sad ever since then.

He will fight for his friends no matter what. In Love Part 2, Asriel defends and fights for Frisk, even though Frisk tells him to leave, Asriel really wants to help his friends and defeat Bete so he ignores what Frisk said. Bete took advantage that Frisk was weak so she could take Asriel's soul.

Now I get to show you...How cold blooded I am.
~ Asriel to Asgore in My Promise

When infected with HATE, Asriel becomes ruthless and is almost devoid of any emotion. He justifies his actions by claiming he "punishes" them for their past mistakes. In fact, he goes as far as nearly killing his father, Asgore, and killing his best friend, Chara. Being under Bete's control, Bete can command Asriel to do whatever she wants him to do.


  • Pyrokinesis: Asriel can manipulate fire in order to attack or block an attack. An alternate "rainbow" flame can be seen in "Dust" episode.
  • Star Blazing: Summons stars and is used as an attack, alternatively it can also be used as a platform or a defensive shield as shown in "Continue" episode.
  • Chaos Saber: Asriel summons a sword or a pair of swords. These are used in battle with Chara and are seen damaging pink "blobs" in Do or Die. They are normal swords with a unique looking design on the surface, however, Asriel can charge it, giving it the appearance of being on fire, and make it explode, dealing great damage.
  • Shocker Breaker: Asriel can summon lightning onto a target, which is marked by a square with an exclamation point and can be used several times at once, it can also be used to block attacks. This has been seen thus far in Continue, Love Part 2, My Promise, and Game Over Part 1
  • Chaos Buster: Asriel summons a blaster that rapidly shoots out small, diamond-shaped bullets at the target. This attack can also shoot out a "rainbow beam" that inflicts high damage.
  • The Hyper Goner: This attack is a Gaster Blaster-looking weapon. It sucks in whatever Asriel chooses to. This was used to counter Chara's HATE attack in "Continue".


IMG 5615

Asriel at the end of Your Best Friend.

Your Best Friend

Turning from Flowey to Asriel, Asriel appeared at the end of the episode. He announced his appearance to Chara and the episode ended with the 2 opposite each other.


After transforming from Flowey, Asriel and Chara fight each other. After a long time and a lot of effort, Asriel confronts Chara and successfully eliminates all of the hate inside of them. In doing so, Chara begins dying from not having any determination left (the Hate inside Chara drained their Determination, so when the Hate went away, so did their Determination) to stay in this world. Asriel gives Frisk her/his soul back and unwillingly uses Chara's soul as a vessel to contain the traits he acquired from the seven human souls, thus creating a soul for himself.
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Asriel with his new soul.

Asriel, with his new soul, then, he shatters the barrier and goes to the surface and meets with his father and mother.

My Sunshine

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At the beginning of the episode, Asriel was seen alongside Sans when they were talking about humankind accepting monsterkind on the surface; here, he was seen eating pie (most likely made by Toriel).


Asriel apologizing to Sans.

After Frisk meets Bete, Asriel and Sans talk about their past. Asriel apologizes to Sans for the past when he was still Flowey. Sans then mentions that he's confused, because Asriel (as Flowey,) forced him to live in the past, most likely due to resets Flowey did before the barrier was broken and then says it's quite hypocritical. Asriel then asks Sans not to look at him the same way he looked at Flowey, making Sans see a better side to him. Sans then asks Asriel if he is willing to do anything to redeem himself, Asriel willingly responds with a yes, even when Sans dares him to eat Papyrus's pasta. Asriel then leaves the room because of Sans' follow-up puns about all the "pastabilities".

Sans and Asriel are later seen at the sidewalk of the street, nearby Grillby's and Muffet's bakery. The two seem to be in a rivalry with each other. Asriel asks what is the deal with Grillby and Muffet competing. Sans answers saying that Grillby's and Muffet's bakery are the two most popular restaurants in the city and they fight for customers all day. After this, Sans then tells some bad flower puns to Asriel. Asriel gets annoyed, but then the two spot Frisk and Bete on the other side of the street. Frisk and Bete were looking for Jessica Grey after she left the school. Frisk then introduces Betty to Asriel and Sans, this causes Bete to reveal her soul to them. After this, Asriel wasn't seen for the rest of the episode.

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Spear Of Fear
VibrantJointAntbear-size restricted
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Asriel in grief after witnessing Sans' death.

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Asriel and Sans go out to see what's up with the incident at Mettaton's live report in the AMD office and watch the camera around the city. They see Bete Noire with Frisk who randomly open their shield in front of Bete, as well as discovering Bete walking around somewhere when she was supposed to be with them at Gaster's lab. Sans tells Asriel they have to warn the others about Betty.

However, it was too late. Bete confronted them and revealed her true nature as The Pink Soul, the soul of FEAR. Sans is about to teleport him and Asriel out of the room, but gets nullified by Jessica Grey. Asriel tells them to back off but then falls into Bete's hallucination. After Betty prepares to impale Asriel and take his soul, Sans through determination, gets enough power to teleport in his place and gets impaled instead. Asriel, filled with rage, attacked Bete with no effect. Then, he remembers that Sans has told him that he has to warn the others. Asriel then escapes and goes to Frisk's house in episode 3.

Do or Die

IMG 9324

Asriel with Frisk after Frisk loses some of his Determination upon hearing about Sans' death.

Asriel appeared at the beginning of the episode when he arrived at Frisk's home. Frisk asked him what was wrong and where was Sans. Asriel gave them a sad look, causing Frisk to lose some DETERMINATION and falls to the ground. He was quick to try and help them. He then said that they should tell everyone else before Bete harms anyone else.

Do or Die 122

Asriel after killing one of the blobs.


Asriel and Frisk arrived at Gaster's place. Asriel later helped fight a couple of blobs while defending Alphys. Jessica, Undyne, and Papyrus then arrive at the house, and Asriel almost launches an attack on Jessica for the part she played in Sans' death, only to stop when Gaster attacks her for the same thing, which was blocked by Papyrus. Later, Gaster teleported Frisk, Asriel, Asgore, etc. to Toriel's school. Before they went inside the school to fight off the blobs, Asgore asked Asriel if he wanted to play catch after fighting them.

Love (Part 1)

Asriel is seen in the school after Undyne's fight with Bete. He was brought there by Asgore, right before Toriel's confrontation with a large pink slime monster. Asgore then proceeds to destroy it in one shot, which impresses Asriel. Toriel gets angry at Asgore for bringing their son to school, and they begin arguing. Asriel stops this by yelling at them, and then Frisk appears at the end of the hallway, with Abigail.

Asriel with Frisk on the school grounds.

Asriel suggests that he and Frisk should go check for survivors, angering Toriel further, but Frisk replied that there weren't any. Asriel insists, but Frisk just coldly replies that he is leaving. Later, Frisk walks into a room where Asriel, Asgore, and Toriel are sitting. Frisk brings Asriel outside to talk about how they want to RESET, and that destroying the Reset Button was their worst mistake. Asriel is shocked by their disregard for the promise they made. They continue and say that they were aware that the timeline was glitched. Frisk states that they will battle Bete alone, no matter what he says. Asriel tries to convince Frisk to wait and get stronger. Frisk seems surprised at Asriel's concern for their safety, reminding him that as Flowey, he had also tried multiple times to kill them. Asriel retorts that he was unable to feel anything, and Frisk did the genocide run, despite being able to feel emotion. Frisk coldly states that Flowey wasn't as much as a coward as he is, Asriel is hurt greatly by this ordeal, and flees back into the house.

Love (Part 2)

I'm sorry Frisk... Guess I really am an idiot.
PotableKaleidoscopicImpala-size restricted

After Frisk departs to fight Bete, Asgore and Asriel meet in the backyard. During their conversation, Asgore gives the insight to Asriel that even good people sometimes do bad things. He tells his son about a friend of his named Roy, who he regrets not spending time with when he was in need, mentioning that things could have become much different. Asriel is touched by his father's wisdom and hugs him.

Later, Asriel falls asleep contemplating Frisk's insult to him. In his dream, he finds himself in front of Flowey in the golden flower pot in front of him. Flowey attempts to advise Asriel to ignore his feelings and become a "monster" like Frisk. Asriel rejects Flowey's advice, believing that he should follow his emotions. After a lengthy conversation, Asriel accepts that Flowey is a part of him before waking up from his dream, grabs his Heart Locket and begins to follow Frisk to Bet
IMG 5812

Asriel clashing with HATE Bete.

During the fight, Bete manages to deplete Frisk's determination using memories of their Genocide and strikes them down. Asriel intervenes against Frisk's urges. After a short fight, Kumu kills Asriel and steals his soul after Asriel admits that "I really am an idiot," quoting Flowey.
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Bete Noire stealing Asriel's soul.

Watching Asriel die greatly strengthens Frisk's resolve, raising their LV to 19 and sharply increasing their DETERMINATION.

After the battle ends, Frisk is inspired by Papyrus' acts of compassion that were able to save Sans from the control of HATE. The episode ends with Frisk saying that they may be able to "use the opposite of HATE" to SAVE Asriel from Bete's control.

My Promise

How hypocrite can you get?...No wonder I don't feel anything for you anymore.
~ Asriel commenting on Toriel's hypocrisy

Bete tightly gripping Asriel's HATE-infected soul in an attempt to crack it.

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At the start of My Promise, Betty was destroying HATE-infected souls of the soul harvest's victims. She contemplating on destroy Asriel's soul but stopped once she saw Cam's non-infected soul. After absorbing its magic, she told Kumu to use some HATE on Asriel's soul, recovering his body but putting him under her control.

Asriel joining Bete's ambush

Later, Frisk, Toriel, and Asgore attempted to fight Bete in the city. However, she introduced Asgore and Toriel to Asriel, who, according to her, was upset at his parents for treating him poorly in the past. Toriel attempts to break Asriel free from her control by showing her compassion to him, which failed and only resulted in her getting attacked by him by his shocker breaker attack.

Asriel stabbing Asgore.

Bete and Frisk dueled once again, while Asriel was dealing with Toriel and Asgore. Asgore defended himself from one of Asriel's attacks by using a wall of fire to block it. But, he penetrated the fire and attacked his father. Asgore tried to tell him to stop, only to be told to shut up, he then insulted Asgore for killing six innocent humans in cold blood. Asriel then is about to impale Asgore, when good memories flashback to Asriel.

Asriel being tackled by Frisk

Asriel then stabbed Asgore in the chest, severely damaging him. Asriel then attempted to hurt Asgore again by lighting his sword on fire, but be
GrimSarcasticHorsemouse-size restricted
fore he had the chance to activate it, Frisk rammed him with their shield. Frisk then told Asgore and Toriel that they needed to escape and think of something else. Toriel said that she didn't want to leave Asriel, only for Frisk to say that what she did was completely useless and had no effect on Asriel whatsoever. Bete then told them that she won't let them escape, and told them not to die on their way out. Bete snapped her fingers and a warning sign appears under Frisk. They told Asgore and Toriel to run while they presumably got struck by the attack. After this, Asriel wasn't seen again in the episode.

Game Over

You broke the one I gave you...So much for friendship huh...I'm done talking with you.
~ Asriel getting angry at Chara.

Asriel attacking Chara

Asriel first encounters Chara in the city, they attack Chara while Chara defends and dodges the attacks. After Chara realizes that Asriel won't listen to them, they show him his heart locket. Asriel realizes that the locket was his, but gets furious at Chara when they remembered that Chara broke their locket in Continue, but due to being blinded by hate


Asriel stabbing Chara

Asriel stabs Chara out of anger and leaves them lying on the ground to die. When Chara tries his best to go back and stop the timeline from being deleted, Chara enters one of the past events that happened in the timeline, which is when Asriel talked to Flowey in his head. Chara then put a blanket over Asriel and left Asriel's locket on top of the cabinet nearby, knowing that another locket should still be at "Home". After Chara glitches out, Asriel wakes up from his dream and picks up the duplicate locket on top of the cabinet and leaves.

Asriel appears again nearby at the end of Part 1 and he can be seen alongside Bete, who was nearby the City Arena. Bete tells him that 'it's time' while an army of pink blobs gathers around the arena. While Asriel spawns a chaos saber and lets it rest on one of his shoulders.


Asriel at the top, keeping a lookout for the Dreemurrs

In Part 2, he appears briefly during the Mettaton and Betty fight when Mettaton launches his jet pack.

HATE Asriel

Asriel ready to fight Chara

He is seen looking over from the top and looking for Chara and the Dreemurrs. After Chara jumps in and tries to finish off Betty with a blast from his sword, Asriel blocks the blast with a star and prepares to fight with Chara.

He is also seen at the final scene with his Chaos Saber preparing to fight.


Asriel appears along with Bete at the stadium in the battle. Meanwhile Chara says to switch Toriel's attack towards Asriel to
Asriel surrounded by fire walls

Asriel surrounded by fire walls

block him inside the firewall,
as his plan, he attacks with his "special hell" attack
Fire wall surrounding Asriel

Fire walls blocking Asriel

and the attack hits Bete, dealing significant of damage.

Then Chara attacks Asriel with his shield and throws away out from the stadium.

The attack didn't hurt him, it was for him to not interrupt the battle.

Asriel didn't play a big role in this episode, but will have his fight with Chara in Animosity.



  • He's able to switch forms at will and summon his weapons of choice when needed.
  • Before Love Part 2's release, Veir said that the flower Sans gave Asriel will talk to him in his head. This refers to his conversation with Flowey in Love Part 2.
  • He's good at swordplay, as shown in the sword fight against Chara in "Continue".
  • His God of Hyperdeath form might not be enough to defeat Bete Noire.[1]
  • Asriel's powers are still awakening. In his current situation, Asriel's power is above Asgore's powers.
  • Asriel has a lot of power, but he doesn't have enough fighting experience, he is also a pacifist, which makes him not want to fight much.
  • Asriel doesn't tell anyone about his past with Chara and Flowey, and he keeps it hidden.[2]
  • Asriel is around 11-14 years old.[3]
  • In an amino post,[4] Asriel and Sans were apologizing for what they did to each other in the past. Here, Sans talked about ripping of Flowey's petals and the word Glitchtale, which was is seen in the corner of the drawing. This proves that, in Glitchtale, Sans vs. Flowey is both Glitchtale-related and canon.
  • After Frisk got erased from the timeline entirely, Chara and Asriel's memory of what happened in Continue changed; Chara was saved from HATE by Asriel, the six human souls created a special soul for Asriel and through combined effort, he was able to break the barrier.[5]
  • Chara and Asriel are the only ones who could cause problems to timeline changes. [6]
    • Chara and Asriel have a better understanding of the game functions as Sans.[7]


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