The Anti-Magic Ray, (or AMR for short) is an AMD weapon that is of blue color and in the shape of a pistol. The AMR is an abandoned project due to its danger linked with the user's soul. But despite the dangers, the weapon was recklessly used by Jessica numerous times, causing tension between both humans and monsters. This device though, was only used for self-defense against the blobs once by her as well.

The weapon is first seen in the episode "Dust", when Jessica wanting revenge for her daughter's death, snuck up on Sans, Frisk, Asriel, and Bete at Mettaton's live performance. Jessica, seeing Sans suspending metal beams in the air which, if dropped, would cause chaos, fires the AMR, stripping Sans from using his magic. It was also used on Sans a second-time hours later.


  • It neutralizes monsters' powers/magic, but it isn't powerful enough to kill them.
  • It is very painful for the target.
  • It cracks the user's soul, as it directly connects to the soul in order to use it as a power source.


  • The AMR's danger level is 5, which is by far the highest danger level.
  • The AMR doesn't have a trigger. Instead, it has a needle.
  • A monster cannot use the AMR because the AMR can identify what species the user is.
  • The HSO doesn't approve this weapon.
  • Jessica's soul had cracked badly because of it.
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