Animosity is the 7th episode of Glitchtale's 2nd Season. This episode is the second-last episode of Season 2.[1]

Notable Information From the Trailer

  • Undyne is apparently capable of creating red spears without being in the "Undying" form.
  • Ronan appears to survive barely due to his injuries and he asks Undyne to take care of his son, Hugo.
  • Papyrus survived his self-directed attack in Game Over Part 2.
  • Asriel will temporarily be taken over by HATE in a similar fashion to Chara in Season 1.
  • Sans has awoken and is aware of his limited time.


  • The title for the episode was announced in one of Cami's live streams.
  • The definition of Animosity is a "strong feeling of dislike/anger".
  • In the description of "Glitchtale Origins... Kanashi Fukitsu", Camila said that thirteen minutes of Animosity was done.
    • It was also stated in the description of Kanashi's Origins that it may take the rest of the year to complete the episode.
  • On August 1st, 2019, Camila released an official trailer of this episode.
    • In its description, Camila stated that Animosity's possible release date is December of 2019.


  1. This episode is second-last of Season 2 (Link)


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