When I realized I wasn't having a nightmare... it was too late.
~ Amber Lightvale

Amber Lightvale was a teenage girl, who was the younger sister of Copper and Agate Lightvale prior to her death. In order to create the Bete Noire, Agate Lightvale combined her FEAR soul with Amber's body.


Amber had pale skin, green eyes, and blue hair. But after her death, the roots of her hair lost their color, turning brown as she lost her soul.[1] She often wore an emerald green sweater with a pear green stripe on the very top, light turquoise boots, a spring green midi skirt, and green leggings.

She presumably wore a light orange v-neck top as pajamas.[2]

Amber has been seen wearing a light blue v-neck top in Glitchtale Origins, and in the episode, she also wore a blue gown.

According to a sketch by Camila, if Amber ever lived to be an adult, she would have had long hair along with armor that covered parts of the upper-half of her body. She'd also wear golden shoulder cuffs, green and golden faulds, a dark blue outfit underneath her armor, and light blue boots.[3]


Not much is known about Amber's personality. However, she was often seen smiling, as seen in most of her appearances. Throughout multiple scenes in Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast, she seems to care for her siblings Copper and Agate and enjoys bonding with them. She also seemed scared of Agate after her sanity slip and in the moments before her death.

Amber's opinion on monster-kind is currently unknown.


Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast

The episode reveals more information about Amber. Unfortunately, Amber's mother died during childbirth, leaving her siblings, Copper and Agate, to take care of Amber.

The siblings lived happily together. It's revealed that Amber has a two-traited soul of Kindness and Integrity. The happy relationship between siblings began changing once Copper and Agate started arguing over the barrier.
Happy Lightvale Memories

Some happy memories of the Lightvale family.

Their argument, of course, eventually leads to their battle. Amber watches as Copper beats Agate, causing Agate to lose her trait before fleeing.

Agate preparing to kill Amber

Once Agate comes back, she demands to have a duel with Copper. Amber attempts to escape Agate after Copper warns her, but Agate destroys a nearby exit, causing Amber's skirt to be caught in the debris. Amber rips her skirt trying to escape, but Agate manages to kill her. After killing Copper and knowing her time is running short, Agate uses the Bete Noire spell on Amber, cackling while watching her creation come to life slowly.

Love Part 2

Amber 2

Amber's cameo in Love PT 2

Frisk briefly talks about their upcoming fight with Bete Noire, who is shown on screen. The image of Betty glitches out and shows Amber for an extremely brief moment.

My Promise

Amber made a brief, non-physical cameo when Asgore stated Betty was the result of a twisted mind's spell.


  • If you invert Amber's colors, you can find Bete Noire‘s color palette. The same goes for Bete Noire.
    • Inverting Amber's soul traits comes out with Orange and Pink, which can be a reference to Agate Lightvale and how she originally had a Bravery soul, eventually inverting it to Fear and casting the Bete Noire spell, which had turned it pink.
  • Amber and Bete look exactly alike, but they are clearly not the same person due to their souls, since Amber's soul passed away long ago, and only Bete's soul inherited from Agate is left. Additionally, Amber's body was used, not her soul, so she has none of Amber's memories either.[4]
    • Instead, she possesses Agate's memories, since she has Agate's soul.
  • Amber's father died before war times.[5]
  • Amber can never return to her original self because Agate killed her and Bete has Agate's soul, not Amber's.[6][7]
  • Amber's name comes from the gemstone amber, which is known to clear phobias and fears, the opposite of what the character Bete Noire does. The gemstone also preserves insects that get stuck in it, similar to how Amber's body preserves Agate's soul. These connections were intentional.[8][9]
  • It is unknown if the story of Copper, Agate, and Amber would change if the Hard Mode wasn't activated.
    • This is because a lot of things changed when Frisk went into Hard Mode.
  • Amber's death was used as a key by Agate in order to kill Copper.
  • Amber's name is never mentioned in Human History.
  • Camila doesn't plan on using Adult Amber anytime soon.[10]
  • Amber and the twins have a 15 year age gap.[11]
  • Despite making a brief cameo in Love Part 2, the episode failed to reveal anything about her. In fact, while the animation was in the middle of production, Camila stated in a post that she would refuse to tell the viewers about Amber during Love Part 2.
  • Amber could use her magical shield when Agate attacked her but she never knew to use magic.
  • Bete is not as strong as she could have been, due to Amber's body being her vessel, rather than Copper's.[12]


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