Amai Yuki appeared in Glitchtale Origins... Kanashi Fukitsu. She was one of many to be killed by Miasma.


Amai is a monster that has blue eyes and brown fur. She also wears a blue turtle-neck dress that goes down to her ankles and wears brown boots. Amai appears to have two blue ribbons that are located on her forehead and at the end of her braid.


Amai used to live along with her family and her cousin Kanashi in a village, along with other humans and monsters. However, one day, Miasma killed everyone in the village, and Amai was among the ones who died.

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Amai and Kanashi's family inside of the kindness shield of Miasma. Miasma can be seen hidden behind a house.


  • Amai name came from a Japanese word (甘い) which means sweet or naïve, while her surname Yuki (幸/雪) means happiness or snow.
  • She was first shown in an Instagram post by Camila.
  • The second time, she was shown along with her cousin in Camila's Tumblr post.
  • She is also shown in the Glichtale Prequel episode alongside her cousin.


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