Do you promise that you will come this time?
~ Alina to Jessica in the comic.

Alina Grey Rutrow[1] is a minor Glitchtale character whose death majorly influenced the actions of her mother, Jessica Grey. Twenty years prior to the series, she fell into the Underground and was eventually murdered by Asgore Dreemurr.


Alina was a young girl who had wavy black hair, and due to having an Integrity soul, she had blue eyes and a stream of blue bangs. She had a tiny nose, thin black eyebrows, and pale skin.

In a photo of her seen in "My Sunshine", Alina wore a light purple shirt, while in "LOVE", she wore a pale blue shirt during a flashback. Also, in "Game Over Part 2", she wore a blue collared shirt with a skirt.

When dancing, she wore a ballerina outfit that had a hot pink tutu, a tank top, leggings, and ballet shoes.


Due to being a ballerina, and the fact she wanted Jessica to attend her dance recital, Alina seems to passionately enjoy dancing. And, due to her possessing the integrity trait, Alina was likely an honest person with good morals. According to Jessica, Alina would've probably liked it if there was equality between monsters and humans, this further indicates that she was a sweet girl that was very peaceful. However, that doesn't hide the fact that Alina could have possibly killed some monsters in self-defense while in the Underground.[2]

Official Comics

Asgore vs Alina Official Comic

This comic shows that Asgore's battle with Alina.

In the comic, Asgore is seen crying while blood is covering parts of him and the tip of his spear. There is also a blue soul in the background.

Alina and Rave Official Comic

This comic shows Alina's earlier life before falling into the Underground. Alina put makeup on Rave, only to be interrupted by Alina's father opening the door to ask Rave to take care of Alina. This, however, only caused him to cut himself off once he realizes Alina had put makeover on Rave.


Early Life

Before her death, Alina lived with her mother Jessica Grey, and her father, but sadly at one point, her father died in a car crash, and due to Jessica's job, Jessica didn't get to spend much time with Alina.

One day, Jessica made a promise to Alina that she would go to her dance recital, but sadly, Jessica did not come despite her promise. Because of this, Alina got so upset that she ran away from home, and as a result, she eventually went to Mt. Ebott where she fell into the Underground only to get killed by Asgore.

Your Best Friend

IMG 4686

Asriel being filled with Alina's integrity.

In this episode, Sans gave Flowey the six human souls, this obviously included Alina's, allowing Flowey to turn into Omega Flowey.


During Asriel's fight with Chara, he started to attack them with the human soul's soul traits. This included Alina's soul trait, causing him to be filled with Integrity.

My Sunshine

IMG 4700

Alina getting ready for her dance performance.

When Toriel called Cam "her little sunshine", Jessica experienced a flashback with Alina. The flashback took place when Jessica promised her that she would go to her dance recital.

Later in the episode, Jessica told Frisk about Alina before the reunion began. When the reunion started, Asgore was asked how the barrier was shattered, so he answered by saying that he used the souls of fallen children. He was then asked to give a description of the most recent child he killed. He said that the child had blue eyes, a blue soul, and a pink tutu. Jessica soon realized that Asgore killed her daughter, causing her to get angry, and in an outrage choose to begin seeking revenge on monsters.


After Jessica refused to give Bete Noire the HATE Vial, she turned into an illusion of Alina to traumatize Jessica Grey, Bete then took the vial after some brutal torturing later.

Love Part 1

IMG 4835

Alina opening her gift.

In this episode, Frisk gave Jessica Alina's tutu and ballet shoes that they found during their journey in the Underground. This put Jessica through another flashback with her daughter. Here, Alina appeared when Jessica was giving her her tutu and ballet shoes as a gift.

Game Over Part 2

Game Over P2 - Jess and Alina

Alina makes a brief appearance after Jessica's death alongside Noah, here she states that she missed Jessica very much and is happy to see her again. Jessica requests a hug, and Alina happily accepts, so they hug, and Jessica tearfully apologizes, promising to be with her forever, while Noah joins the hug as well. Whether this scene was Jessica's imagination or an event that really happened in the afterlife is unknown.


Alina was mentioned by Jessica in Rave’s flashback when she apologized to him for what happened.

At the end of the episode Alina made her non physical appearance in Toriel's hallucination along with 6 other fallen children.
The 6th soul

Alina in front of Asgore, Toriel 's Hallucination.

Alina appears with her dusty tutu and crying at the spot where Asgore is about to kill her.


  • Alina is a female given name of Greek origin which means "light".
  • Alina had been referred to as "Jessica's daughter" until Camila confirmed the canon name of Jessica's daughter to be "Alina".[3]
  • Alina's voice actor was not revealed in any of the credits where she appeared.
  • According to Asgore, he killed Alina 20 years ago prior to Glitchtale.
  • Camila gave the fact that Alina may not be innocent, and may have killed a larger amount of monsters than the other souls.[4]
  • Alina is the only one among the five children that had a full-body view on Continue. This is likely because of the children's weapons being highlighted, and Alina's full body needs to be seen to display her ballet shoes.
  • Alina was referred to as a lad in a post. This could a typo, but it may also be a subtle hint toward her being transgender.[5]


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