Abigail is a side character who appears in Glitchtale Season 2. She is currently voiced by Meredith.


We don’t seem to know much about Abigail’s personality. She, however, could be extremely patient considering her trait.


Due to having a soul of Patience, Abigail has brilliant light blue eyes and a sweater of the same color that has a collar with a very faint shade of blue. She wears very dark khaki pants and dark black shoes. She has long, black, wavy hair that goes all the way down to her back. However, in a sketch, she had short hair and light blue bangs.

Also, unlike most Glitchtale characters, she has an oval-shaped head and light tanned Caucasian skin.


Do or Die

Abigail was seen during Bete's soul harvest in Toriel's school. Here, she was cornered by one of Bete's pink blobs, only to be saved by Cam and Robin. She soon spotted Frisk.

Love Part 1

Abigail was seen in Toriel's school behind Frisk, who was presumably protecting her from Bete's pink creatures. Soon, Frisk commanded her to go to "the shelter", Abigail was not seen throughout the rest of the animation.


  • Abigail's name is not mentioned by any of the characters. However, her name is mentioned in the credits of Do or Die.
  • There's a chance that this character could have a larger role in the later episodes.[1]
  • Abigail's surname is not something we should worry about right now.[2]




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