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I highly recommend you to watch Megalomaniac first!, since this is a continuation to the events that happened at the end of that animation.


Watch the rest of the series!

1- Megalomaniac:

2- Yet Darker: You're watching it!

3- *Determination.:

4- Your Best Friend:

5- Continue (Season Finale):


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This was so fun to make!!! Thanks to everyone who watched and supported me through this journey, you guys rock!.

Easter egg?... here? nah.. keep looking.

NO chikens were harmed in the making of this animation.... only butterflies.



Waterfall - Undertale:

Gaster's Theme:

Dark, Darker, yet darker (Gaster's theme remix):

Megalovania (Epic Rock Cover):

It's Raining Somewhere Else:

Please check out the creators' songs!

Also I have a tumblr apparently lol:


Some fun facts, I don't know how to call this version of Sans xD but I imagine he'd have these stats:

21 HP 1 atk 999 def (because of determination) Is not necessary to have LV to make Karmic Retribution work 


Actually, here's the easter egg!: 

Oh wait... a part of the link is missing.... hmmm... I wonder where that is.


Now you can send me fanmail and cookies at:

My P.O BOX! Casilla Postal # 243 Rengo, Chile, 2940000

(2940000 being the zip/postal code)

All fanmail will be opened and probably will appear in a video.

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